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24-07-2008, 06:58 PM
The 2008 City of Adelaide started on Tuesday night with 27 players, although 2 with a bye. Some players failure to comprehend the half hour earlier than normal starting time caused arbiter Roland Eime some a period of frustration.
There were 3 upset results, all on the top 5 boards. On board 1 Srbo Zaric attack was met by strong defence by Eryk Paprzycki, who survived, untied his postion and used his material advantage to win. Borad 2 saw Tristom Cooke answer Colin Cloudsdale's sacrifice correctly, returning the material and reaching a drawn opposite colour bishop ending. On board 3 Bob Cowley made a return to chess after missing interclub by defeating Sophie Eustace and Ralph Jackson was quite impressive in defeating Punala Kiripitige on board 4. On board 5 Bill Kerr achieved an advantage out of the opening which he converted to a pawn up endgame. He then allowed Scott Colliver's slightly more active pieces to gain more activity until Colliver won 2 pawns and was playing for the win. Colliver failed to find the fairly easy win and allowed Kerr to escape with a draw. All other games went with rating. The full results are probably going to be on the SACA website tonight.
Scott Colliver

24-08-2008, 04:30 PM
The City of Adelaide has progressed through five rounds and sees Alex Sykes as outright leader on 4.5/5 ahead of Bob Cowley and Colin Cloudsdale on 4 points. In the fifth round Alex Sykes beat Ralph Jackson in a double sided game that saw both kings threatened, although the game could have gone a lot longer if Ralph Jackson hadn't left his king en prise in mutual time trouble. On board 2 junior Zachary Searle played an excellent game to draw with top seed Srbo Zaric. Colin Cloudsdale beat Mato Jelic on board 3, and Bob Cowley beat Eryk Paprzycki on baord 4. Cowley appeared to blunder a knight for a pawn in the opening, but despite the material disadvantage managed to keep up the pressure throughout the middle game and into the endgame. He won back a second pawn in the endgame and then the piece to win. Full results on the SACA website