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13-07-2008, 11:14 PM
Hello everyone,

Here is the first email circular about this event from Garry Lycett:

Dandenong Grades 2008

31 players entered the grades making 3 groups of 8 and 1 group of 7 to play
in the round-robin events.
There were two postponements to be played on the Wednesday after Rd4,
(6/8/08), set aside for postponed games, unless the players arrange to play
them earlier.

Following are the results of the first round and the parings for the second

Regards; Garry Lycett

Round 1 - Results

Premier Grade
1 Cooper, R 1937 0 - 1 Dizdarevic, M 1929
2 Campara, M 1774 p-p Burzic, R 1697
3 Kocjancic, E 1706 - Lycett, G 1813
4 Machell, D 1935 - Rashid, A 1903

5 Redzepagic, S 1697 p-p Hopkins, R 1604
6 Potter, C 1561 0 - 1 Yilmaz, A 1538
7 Lenne, P 1496 - Chua, M 1587
8 Biondo, S 1625 - Drew, P 1601

9 Armerman, M 1529 0 - 1 Potter, D 1464
10 Pispek, P 1412 1 - 0 McEachern, G 1130
11 Lane, V 1412 0 - 1 Gungordu, I 1437
12 Ghayoori, P 1514 - Kudric, M 1460

13 DeWinter, S 828 - Lee, G 1018
14 Mather, C 0 - 1 Rasmussen, H 843
15 Mison, A 1120 - Gray, A 925
16 Seehusen, J 1087 (Bye)

Round 2 - Pairings

Premier Grade
1 Dizdarevic, M 1929 Rashid, A 1903
2 Lycett, G 1813 Machell, D 1935
3 Burzic, R 1697 Kocjancic, E 1706
4 Cooper, R 1937 Campara, M 1774

5 Hopkins, R 1604 Drew, P 1601
6 Chua, M 1587 Biondo, S 1625
7 Yilmaz, A 1538 Lenne, P 1496
8 Redzepagic, S 1697 Potter, C 1561

9 Potter, D 1464 Kudric, M 1460
10 Gungordu, I 1437 Ghayoori, P 1514
11 McEachern, G 1130 Lane, V 1412
12 Armerman, M 1529 Pispek, P 1412

13 Rasmussen, H 843 Mison, A 1120
14 Lee, G 1018 Mather, C
15 Seehusen, J 1087 DeWinter, S 828
16 Gray, A 925 (Bye)

Take care and God Bless, Macavity

22-07-2008, 01:08 PM
Hello everyone,

Here is the next email circular about this event from Garry Lycett:

Dandenong Grades 2008

.Premier Grade:
Mehmedalija Dizdarevic is the only player on 2 / 2 after he defeated
Abdulwahab Rashid.
Both Eddie Kocjancic and Don Machell moved to 1.5-points with wins over
Ramo Burzic and Garry Lycett.
Miralem Campara follows on 1-point but with a postponed game in hand.

Probably the most entertaining game of the night saw Rhys Hopkins manage to
overcome Philip Drew. Both players seemed well prepared in a Sicilian which
saw Rhys throw everything at Philip's king. When Rhys lost his kingside
pawns I thought Philip was winning, but the open files allowed Rhys' rooks
acess to a winning attack.
Top seed Sadedin Redzepagic won a good game against Chris Potter. I know
that Chris would have been well prepared to meet Sadedin's 1.b4 which he
always plays, but Sadedin surprised him by opening differently, no doubt
wasting all of Chris' preparation.
Both Rhys and Sadedin moved to 1 / 1 with what might be a very important
postponed game against each other still to play.
Leading the group on 2 / 2 is Ahmet Yilmaz.

After the top seed, (Mendel Armerman), lost in the first round, the second
round saw the second and third seeds, (Pezhman Ghayoori and Daniel Potter),
both lose to leave only Ismet Gungordu on 2 / 2. Mirko Kudric follows on
1.5-points and they play each other in the third round.

Another player joined this group to make an even 8 players.
John Seehusen defeated Stephen DeWinter t be on 2 / 2 with both Ashley
Mison and Geoff Lee chasing on 1.5-points after they beat Henning Rasmussen
and Craig Mather respectively. Alan Gray could join them with a win in his
postponed game.

Following are the second round results and the third round pairings.

Regards; Garry Lycett

Rd2 - Results

Premier Grade
1 Dizdarevic, M 1929 1 - 0 Rashid, A 1903
2 Lycett, G 1813 0 - 1 Machell, D 1935
3 Burzic, R 1697 0 - 1 Kocjancic, E 1706
4 Cooper, R 1937 0f - 1f Campara, M 1774

5 Hopkins, R 1604 1 - 0 Drew, P 1601
6 Chua, M 1587 - Biondo, S 1625
7 Yilmaz, A 1538 1 - 0 Lenne, P 1496
8 Redzepagic, S 1697 1 - 0 Potter, C 1561

9 Potter, D 1464 0 - 1 Kudric, M 1460
10 Gungordu, I 1437 1 - 0 Ghayoori, P 1514
11 McEachern, G 1130 0 - 1 Lane, V 1412
12 Armerman, M 1529 1 - 0 Pispek, P 1412

13 Rasmussen, H 843 0 - 1 Mison, A 1120
14 Lee, G 1018 1 - 0 Mather, C
15 Seehusen, J 1087 1 - 0 DeWinter, S 828
16 Neilson, C Gray, A 925

Rd3 - Pairings

Premier Grade
1 Campara, M 1774 Dizdarevic, M 1929
2 Kocjancic, E 1706 Cooper, R 1937
3 Machell, D 1935 Burzic, R 1697
4 Rashid, A 1903 Lycett, G 1813

5 Potter, C 1561 Hopkins, R 1604
6 Lenne, P 1496 Redzepagic, S 1697
7 Biondo, S 1625 Yilmaz, A 1538
8 Drew, P 1601 Chua, M 1587

9 Pispek, P 1412 Potter, D 1464
10 Lane, V 1412 Armerman, M 1529
11 Ghayoori, P 1514 McEachern, G 1130
12 Kudric, M 1460 Gungordu, I 1437

13 Mather, C Seehusen, J 1087
14 Mison, A 1120 Lee, G 1018
15 Gray, A 925 Rasmussen, H 843
16 DeWinter, S 828 Neilson, C

Take care and God Bless, Macavity

30-07-2008, 11:59 PM
Dandenong Grades 2008

Premier Grade
Reasonably quick draws in the Miralem Campara vs Mehmedalija Dizdarevic and
Abdulwaha Rashid vs Garry Lycett games, and a forfeit win to Eddie
Kocjancic made it a quiet night in Premier Grade.
But the Don Machell vs Ramo Burzic game made up for it with a long struggle
that finished in Don's favour. Ramo put up a lot of resistance and although
Don had more room I thought Ramo was doing very well. When I looked a bit
later Don had massed his army on the kingside looking for a breakthrough,
which must have come.

Leading is Dizdarevic, Machell & Kocjancic all on 2.5 / 3, with Campara on
1.5 / 2.

After the second forfeit in a row without any explanation Ray Cooper has
been withdrawn. All players due to play him will receive a 1-point bye,
Fortunately the only game he played was a loss so all 7 players will have
scored a point in that slot.
Unfortunately with the round-robin pairings having been preordained it
means Ramo Burzic and Abdulwahab Rashid receive a bye in what would have
been a game as White, both players will now play 2-whites and 4-blacks in
the six games they actually play. Conversely both Don Machell and Miralem
Campara will play 4-whites and 2-blacks. With Don having already played
both Abdulwahab and Ramo I can't even up the count for everyone, although I
am tempted to alter either the postponed Campara-Burzic or the Rd6
Campara-Rashid game so that Miralem and either Ramo or Abdulwahab will play
3-whites and 3-blacks. I will check the rules, it may be that things are
left as is.

One of the favorites for this, Rhys Hopkins, stumbled against Chris Potter
in an intruiging game. Early on it looked as though Chris has made a
mistake, then it appeared it was actually Rhys in trouble. Facing a
difficult decision Rhys gave up his queen for three pieces, this might be
alright in a lot of cases but his king on e7 was not only exposed but
blocking the f8 bishop and in turn the h8 rook. Chris was able to take
advantage of Rhys' lack of development to continually harrass the king and
eventually score the point.
Meanwhile Sadedin Redzepagic and Ahmet Yilmaz continued in the lead with
wins over Patrick Lenne and Sam Biondo.
Philip Drew and Manny Chua played a French that just got completely blocked
and finished in a draw.

Leading is Ahmet Yilmaz on 3 / 3 with Sadedin Redzepagic on 2 / 2.
Ahmet has some tough opponents ahead and I still think the postponed
Redzepagic - Hopkins games will be pivotal in deciding the winner.

Mirko Kudric won a tricky ending against Ismet Gungordu to hold the
outright lead 1/2-point ahead of Peter Pispek and Ismet.
Peter finished quickly with a win straight out of the opening against
Daniel Potter in the shortest I've seen at the club for quite a while.
The remaining two games finished strangely. Victor Lane was winning
overwhelmingly against top seed Mendel Armerman, only to swap down to an
opposite coloured bishop ending that despite being two pawns up was a dead
draw. Meanwhile Pezhman Ghayoori and Graham McEachern found themselves in a
totally drawn ending that Pezhman managed to win, considering he hd been a
rook down earlier this was a good fightback.

Leading is Mirko Kudric on 2.5 / 3 followed by Peter Pispek and Ismet
Gungordu on 2 / 3.

John Seehusen's win over Craig Mather took him to the lead by 1/2-point
over Ashley Mison. Next weeks game between the pair is a crucial encounter
if either hopes to win the event.
Alan Gray and Henning Rasmussen finished in a draw after both sides seemed
to have chances throughout.

Leading is John Seehusen 3 / 3 followed by Ashley Mison on 2.5 / 3.

Following are the Rd3 results and the Rd4 pairings

Regards; Garry Lycett

Rd 3 Results
Premier Grade
Campara, M 1774 - Dizdarevic, M 1929
Kocjancic, E 1706 1f - 0f Cooper, R 1937
Machell, D 1935 1 - 0 Burzic, R 1697
Rashid, A 1903 - Lycett, G 1813

Potter, C 1561 1 - 0 Hopkins, R 1604
Lenne, P 1496 0 - 1 Redzepagic, S 1697
Biondo, S 1625 0 - 1 Yilmaz, A 1538
Drew, P 1601 - Chua, M 1587

Pispek, P 1412 1 - 0 Potter, D 1464
Lane, V 1412 - Armerman, M 1529
Ghayoori, P 1514 1 - 0 McEachern, G 1130
Kudric, M 1460 1 - 0 Gungordu, I 1437

Mather, C 0 - 1 Seehusen, J 1087
Mison, A 1120 1 - 0 Lee, G 1018
Gray, A 925 - Rasmussen, H 843
DeWinter, S 828 1 - 0 Neilson, C

Rd 4 Pairings
Premier Grade
Dizdarevic, M 1929 Lycett, G 1813
Burzic, R 1697 Rashid, A 1903
Campara, M 1774 Kocjancic, E 1706
Machell, D 1935 Bye

Hopkins, R 1604 Chua, M 1587
Yilmaz, A 1538 Drew, P 1601
Redzepagic, S 1697 Biondo, S 1625
Potter, C 1561 Lenne, P 1496

Potter, D 1464 Gungordu, I 1437
McEachern, G 1130 Kudric, M 1460
Armerman, M 1529 Ghayoori, P 1514
Pispek, P 1412 Lane, V 1412

Lee, G 1018 Gray, A 925
Seehusen, J 1087 Mison, A 1120
DeWinter, S 828 Mather, C
Neilson, C Rasmussen, H 843

05-08-2008, 01:09 AM
Dandenong Grades 2008

A reminder to all members that next week, (6/808), is the third of the four
2008 Lightning Championship events with the grades tournament to continue
with round five the following week, (13/8/08).
** There are some postponed games from the grades to also be played next

Premier Grade
The three games in this grade were all completed well before any other
Campara vs Kocjancic and Burzic vs Rashid saw fairly quick draws agreed
The other game was a short but very sharp battle in which Mehmedalija
Dizdarevic defeated Garry Lycett. In the first 12 moves Mehmedalija gave up
a queen for three pieces, after his 13th move Garry thought his position
was ok, after Mehmedalija's 14th move Garry resigned, it turned out his
position was not ok.

Leading this group are Dizdarevic and Machell both with 3.5 ahead of
Kocjancic on 3. These three players have yet to meet and so will play each
other in the remaining three rounds, the winner will come out of who
finishes the strongest.

The surprising thing in this round was that all four games were won by
Black. With leader Ahmet Yilmaz and top seeds Sadedin Redzepagic and Rhys
Hopkins all being beaten it is difficult to see who might win this
tournament. If Rhys can defeat Sadedin in next weeks postponed game then
any of six players would be in with a chance.
Rhys was going along well against Manny Chua until an unfortunate slip of
the hand, stopping his bishop one square too soon, cost him a piece.
Sadedin played an interesting opening against Sam Biondo that he is
unlikely to repeat as the material deficit was to much to overcome.
The tournament leader, Ahmet Yilmaz, managed to lose a piece in the first
10 moves against Philip Drew. It took another 30 moves before Ahmet
realised Philip wasn't going to give it back.

Leading is Yilmaz on 3, but he is still to play Redzepagic and Hopkins. On
2.5 is Manny Chua followed by Redzepagic, Biondo and Drew on 2

Mirko Kudric continued his winning run, this time against Graham McEachern,
but he was very fortunate. Mirko's last move in a clearly winning position
was a blunder that allowed Graham a perpetual check, but Graham didn't see
it and resigned instead.
Ismet Gungordu is chasing Mirko and managed to defeat Daniel Potter in this
round. Before the tournament started I would have given third seeded Daniel
a good chance of winning it, and a first round win over the top seed was a
good start. But Daniel has somehow contrived to lose the next three rounds
putting himself out of contention.
In the other game the top two seeds drew which did neither any favours if
tey want to win the tournament.

Leading is Mirko with 3.5 followed by Ismet on 3. Peter Pispek can join
Ismet on 3 if he wins his postponed game next week.

John Seehusen won the battle of the top seeds against Ashley Mison to get
to 4 / 4 and take a stranglehold on the event. He now leads Ashley and
Henning Rasmussen by 1.5-points. Craig Mather garnered his first points
with a well played draw against Stephen DeWinter.
Alan Gray kept in touch with the leaders by taking his undefeated streak to
three in a row. Although he could be closer if had won one of them, three
draws takes him to 1.5 and with a postponed game next week he could join
Ashley and Henning on 2.5. Last nights draw was amazing, looking at the
final position I assumed that Alan had resigned. Despite playing well to
get a few pawns up in a rook and pawn ending Alan allowed his opponent,
Geoff Lee, to put a rook behind an unstoppable pawn, and suddenly Alan was
lost. The only option was to keep checking Geoff's king with his rook, a
tactic Geoff could get out of two ways, a) move the king towards the enemy
rook until the king threatens the rook which is forced to move away or b)
move the king away from the enemy rook until it can hide behind it's own
rook. Geoff moved his king up and down in the middle a few times and
offered a draw, a vey lucky escape for Alan.

Leading is Seehusen on 4 followed by Mison and Rasmussen on 2.5

Following are the results of Round4 and the pairings of the postponed

Regards; Garry Lycett

Results Rd4

Dizdarevic, M 1929 1 - 0 Lycett, G 1813
Burzic, R 1697 - Rashid, A 1903
Campara, M 1774 - Kocjancic, E 1706
Machell, D 1935 1 - 0 Bye
Hopkins, R 1604 0 - 1 Chua, M 1587
Yilmaz, A 1538 0 - 1 Drew, P 1601
Redzepagic, S 1697 0 - 1 Biondo, S 1625
Potter, C 1561 0 - 1 Lenne, P 1496
Potter, D 1464 0 - 1 Gungordu, I 1437
McEachern, G 1130 0 - 1 Kudric, M 1460
Armerman, M 1529 - Ghayoori, P 1514
Pispek, P 1412 p - p Lane, V 1412
Lee, G 1018 - Gray, A 925
Seehusen, J 1087 1 - 0 Mison, A 1120
DeWinter, S 828 - Mather, C
Neilson, C 0 - 1 Rasmussen, H 843

Pairings - postponed games
Burzic, R 1697 Campara, M 1774
Redzepagic, S 1697 Hopkins, R 1604
Pispek, P 1412 Lane, V 1412
Neilson, C Gray, A 925

14-08-2008, 07:40 PM
Dandenong Grades 2008

Eddie Kocjancic joined the lead with a very good win against Memedalija
Dizdarevic, he moved to an undefeated 4 / 5 along with Don Machell who drew
last night's game aganst Miralem Campara. Next week will be decisive as Don
and Eddie are paired together, although Mehmedalija and Miralem are only
1/2-point behind and Don goes on to play Mehmedalija in the final round.
Leaders: Kocjancic, Machell 4 / 5, Dizdarevic, Campara 3.5

Neither of the two leaders going into this round managed to win, Sadedin
Rezepagic offering an early draw to Philip Drew whilst Ahmet Yilmaz somehow
lost a game that was completely drawn to Manny Chua. This moved Manny ahead
of Ahmet and into leadership with Sadedin on 3.5 / 5.
Rys Hopkins' bad form continued with a loss to Patrick Lenne.
Sam Biondo moved to within 1/2-point of the lead with a win over Chris
Potter. It was amazing that after only 6 moves both players had used
45-minutes and reached a position that is unlikely to be found in any book
or database, for very good reason. None of the spectators, and I suspect
neither of the players, could predict what moves were going to be played.
Leaders: Redzepagic, Chua 3.5 / 5, Yilmaz, Biondo 3, Drew, Lenne 2.5

Ismet Gungordu joined Mirko Kudric in the lead with a win over Graham
McEachern, where Mirko could only draw after a long battle with Mendel
Armerman. Both are now on 4 / 5 and a full point ahead of Pezhman Ghayoori.
Leaders: Kudric, Gungordu 4 / 5, Ghayoori 3

Runaway leader John Seehusen was brought back to the field after losing to
Alan Gray. John still leads with 4 / 5 but is now only 1/2-point ahead of
Alan and Ashley Mison who had a quick win over Stephen DeWinter.
Henning Rasmussen also moved into contention with a draw against Geoff Lee
taking him to 3-points.
John still has to play Henning and then Geoff, if he falters both Alan and
Ashley are ready to pounce.
Alan is now the only undefeated player in this grade with two wins and
three draws.
Leaders: Seehusen 4 / 5, Mison, Gray 3.5, Rasmussen 3

Following are the results of Rd5 and the pairings for Rd6.

Regards; Garry Lycett

Results Rd5
Kocjancic 1 - 0 Dizdarevic
Machell - Campara
Lycett 1 - 0 Burzic
Rashid 1 - 0 Bye

Lenne 1 0 Hopkins
Biondo 1 - 0 Potter
Drew - Redzepagic
Chua 1 0 Yilmaz

Lane 0 - 1 Potter
Ghayoori 1 - 0 Pispek
Kudric - Armerman
Gungordu 1 - 0 McEachern

Mison 1 - 0 DeWinter
Gray 1 - 0 Seehusen
Rasmussen - Lee
Mather 1 0 Neilson

Pairings Rd6
Dizdarevic Burzic
Campara Rashid
Kocjancic Machell
Lycett 1 - 0 Bye

Hopkins Yilmaz
Redzepagic Chua
Potter Drew
Lenne Biondo

Potter McEachern
Armerman Gungordu
Pispek Kudric
Lane Ghayoori

Seehusen Rasmussen
DeWinter Gray
Mather Mison
Neilson Lee

22-08-2008, 01:26 AM
Dandenong Grades 2008

Equal leaders Eddie Kocjancic and Don Machell agreed a draw reasonably
early which allowed Mehmedalija Dizdarevic to catch them. These three all
go into the final round with 4.5-points, ahead of Miralem Campara whose
draw against Abdulwahab Rashid took him to 4-points.
Mehmedalija was completely lost against Ramo Burzic who had played very
well. But in the final game to finish Mehmedalija persisted and Ramo
miscalculated his ability to stop two passed pawns with his extra bishop.
Next week two of the leaders, Don and Mehmedalija play each other whilst
Eddie faces Abdulwahab. If these two games are drawn Miralem could make it
a four-way tie for first if he beats Garry Lycett.
Leaders: Kocjancic, Machell, Dizdarevic 4.5, Campara 4

Sadedin Redzepagic defeated co-leader Manny Chua to take a full point lead
into the final round. He is ahead of three players; Manny, Sam Biondo who
drew with Patrick Lenne and Philip Drew who won an interesting game against
Chris Potter. Both players were confident their position was better. At one
stage Philip said to me, "If he plays rook to h1 then I'll move my queen to
e7 and I'm crushing him", two minutes later Chris appeared and said, "I
just played rook to h1 forcing his queen back to e7, so now my position is
definitely winning". It reached a stage where Chris needed to get his king
out of the road and then try opening up Philip's kingside with a pawn
sacrifice. Chris played the pawn sac first which Philip took, then Chris
moved his king, overlooking that Philip's pawn now threatened a rook,
whoops, game over. The position was such that at first I thought it was a
genuine rook sac and Chris still had counterplay, buit the more I looked it
became obvious that it was just a blunder. It would be an interesting
position to analyze as had the mistake not happened both players had good
attacks and both would need to be careful defensively, although I thought
Philip had a definite edge if Chris couldn't find a win soon.
One player who had amongst the leaders throughout, Ahmet Yilmaz, managed to
lose a 13-move game to Rhys Hopkins which took him out of contention. But
Ahmet can still make his presence felt if he beats Sadedin in the last
round. With neither Manny, Philip or Sam playing each other they could all
win and this grade also has possibilities of a four-way tie.
Leaders: Redzepagic 4.5, Chua, Drew, Biondo 3.5,

Mirko Kudric took sole lead after a draw with Peter Pispek. His co-leader
at the start of the round, Ismet Gungordu faltered with a loss to Mendel
Armerman. Ismet is now equal second with Pezhman Ghayoori who defeated
Victor Lane to stay in with a chance. Mirko will be hoping for a win next
week against Victor while both Ismet and Pezhman have tough games against
Peter Pispek and Daniel Potter respectively.
None of the leaders are playing each other so if Victor wins, Ismet and
Pezhman draw and Mendel wins this group too could finish in a four-way tie.
Leaders: Kudric 4.5, Gungordu, Ghayoori 4, Armerman 3.5

John Seehusen bounced back from last weeks loss with a win over Henning
Rasmussen to keep his lead. He is still 1/2-point ahead of Ashley Mison and
faces Geoff Lee in a crucial last round encounter. John probably needs at
least a draw as Ashley would be expected to beat Cain Neilson in his last
round game. Alan Gray is still in it after a draw in a very interesting
ending where he had a rook and 4-pawns against a knight and 6-pawns.
Although he is undefeated Alan's four draws means he would need John to
lose and Ashley to do no more than draw if he were to be in a tie for
Leaders: Seehusen 5, Mison 4.5, Gray 4

Following are the Rd6 results and the Rd7 pairings

Regards; Garry Lycett

FONT="Courier New"]Rd 6 Results
Dizdarevic 1 - 0 Burzic
Campara - Rashid
Kocjancic - Machell
Lycett 1 - 0 Bye
Hopkins 1 - 0 Yilmaz
Redzepagic 1 - 0 Chua
Potter 0 - 1 Drew
Lenne - Biondo
Potter 1 - 0 McEachern
Armerman 1 - 0 Gungordu
Pispek - Kudric
Lane 0 - 1 Ghayoori
Seehusen 1 - 0 Rasmussen
DeWinter - Gray
Mather 0 - 1 Mison
Neilson 0 - 1 Lee

Rd 7 Pairings
Machell - Dizdarevic
Rashid - Kocjancic
Lycett - Campara
Burzic 1 - 0 Bye
Biondo - Hopkins
Drew - Lenne
Chua - Potter
Yilmaz - Redzepagic
Ghayoori Potter
Kudric Lane
Gungordu Pispek
McEachern Armerman
Gray Mather
Rasmussen DeWinter
Lee Seehusen
Mison Neilson[/FONT]

29-08-2008, 08:24 PM
Dandenong Grades 2008

A reminder to all members that next week 3rd September is the start of the
club's RapidPlay event.
A 9-round tournament with three rounds a week, 30-minutes per player per

The Grades concluded last night. Going into the final round it was possible
to finish with a 4-way tie in three grades and a 3-way tie in the other.
Fortunately for the club's treasurer a possible 15 trophies was whittled
down to 4 as each grade finished with only 1 outright winner.

Eddie Kocjancic followed up his win in A-Grade last year with a wonderful
effort to win the Premier Grade this year. Tied with Don Machell and
Mehmedalija Dizdarevic going into this round he played very well to take
the point against Abdulwahab Rashid. In a game with a lot of tactics to be
careful of Eddie first won a pawn, then another, then another. After that
he simply had to play sensibly until the three pawns could prove their
worth in the ending. When that game concluded it was up to either Don or
Mehmedalija, playing each other, to try and win to tie for first. Having
completely blocked the kingside with pawns most of the game seemed to be
played on only the a and b files with neither player able to force their
way through. Don had to be wary of possible piece sacs on e5 which could
have broken the position open in Mehmedalija's favour, and indeed
Mehmdalija seemed to me to be slightly better most of the time. But Don was
able to untangle himself enough to hold it all together and after a long
struggle a draw was the only logical outcome.
Eddie deserved his tournament win with a very consistent effort, I can't
recall any game where he was in serious trouble. Surprisingly there were
three players who went through undefeated, but Eddie conceded only three
draws, Don allowed four and the very peacable Miralem Campara allowed five.
Mehmedalija won the same amount of games as Eddie, but also lost one. It
was the fifth round game where Eddie defeated Mehmedalija that would prove
to be the decisive point in deciding this years winner.

Going into the round with a 1-point lead it was obvious that Sadedin
Redzepagic would offer an early draw, which he did and which Ahmet Yilmaz
accepted. As it turns out Sadedin could have lost and still won the
tournament outright as none of the three players 1-point were able to win.
Philip Drew had played well to reach what was a winning position against
Patrick Lenne. Unfortunately Philip managed to lose a rook overlooking a
back rank mate threat, something Philip hadn't fallen for since......last
Saturday at the Best in the West. People say you learn from your mistakes,
maybe Philip's plan is to learn twice as fast by making the same mistake
twice. Manny Chua and Chris Potter played an interesting game where Chris
had a lot of pressure on Manny's isolated central pawn. When the dust
settled it was Chris who was a pawn down but in a position where he was
easily able to hold a draw.
Sadedin has had a marked improvement in the past year and showed his top
seeding was deserved with a clear win in this event.

The leader going into the final round, Mirko Kudric, simply neeed a draw to
ensure at least equal first. But after playing well throughout the event
Mirko saved his worst for last, going down remarkably quickly to Victor
Lane. This allowed Mendel Armerman to catch him by beating Graham
McEachern, which he duly did. But both players could be passed by either
Pezhman Ghayoori or Ismet Gungordu if they could win their games. Pezhman
was first to finish, with a loss to Daniel Potter. Daniel started with 1/4
but was able to win the last three rounds very well. This left Ismet, who
was paired with Peter Pispek. Both Mendel and Mirko were hoping Peter would
win or draw, but Ismet won a pawn, then the exchange and eventually Peter
had to concede.
Ismet won the tournament by playing to win or lose, not trying for any easy
draws. Whilst Mirko and Mendel only lost one game each, Ismet lost two, (to
Mirko and Mendel), but they each conceded three draws, while Ismet won his
other five games.

Both Ashley Mison and Alan Gray had a chance of first and they didn't muck
around. Both had won their games by the time others were contemplating
their sixth move. This put the pressure on John Seehusen who now couldn't
lose to Geoff Lee if he wanted to get first. John lost a piece, but Geoff
then stumbled and returned it. Geoff followed up losing another piece and
John was able to take the game and the tournament victory.
With six wins John fully deserved his win, he Ashley and Alan proved to be
a class above the rest of the field. Alan was the only undefeated player in
what was an impressive performance from him, including a victory over the
tournament winner. Ashley came close to finishing on six points and equal
with John, his first round draw against Alan from a position he probably
should have won proved vital in the end.

Congratulations to all the winners.

Following are the Rd7 results and the final standings

Regards; Garry Lycett

Rd 7 Results
1 Don Machell .5:.5 Mehmedalija Dizdarevic
2 Abdulwahab Rashid 0:1 Eddie Kocjancic
3 Garry Lycett .5:.5 Miralem Campara
4 Ramo Burzic 1:0 Bye
1 Sam Biondo 0:1 Rhys Hopkins
2 Phillip Drew 0:1 Patrick Lenne
3 Manny Chua .5:.5 Christopher Potter
4 Ahmet Yilmaz .5:.5 Sadedin Redzepagic
1 Pezhman Ghayoori 0:1 Daniel Potter
2 Mirko Kudric 0:1 Victor Lane
3 Ismet Gungordu 1:0 Peter Pispek
4 Graham McEachern 0:1 Mendel Armerman
1 Ashley Mison 1:0 Cain Neilson
2 Alan Gray 1:0 Craig Mather
3 Henning Rasmussen 1:0 Stephen De Winter
4 Geoff Lee 0:1 John Seehusen

Final Standings
1 Kocjancic, Eddie 1706 5.5
2-3 Machell, Don 1935 5
Dizdarevic, Mehmedalija 1929 5
4 Campara, Miralem 1774 4.5
5 Lycett, Garry 1813 3.5
6 Rashid, Abdulwahab 1903 3
7 Burzic, Ramo 1697 1.5
1 Redzepagic, Sadedin 1697 5
2-3 Chua, Manny 1587 4
Lenne, Patrick 1496 4
4-6 Biondo, Sam 1625 3.5
Yilmaz, Ahmet 1538 3.5
Drew, Phillip 1601 3.5
7 Hopkins, Rhys 1604 3
8 Potter, Christopher 1561 1.5
1 Gungordu, Ismet 1437 5
2-3 Kudric, Mirko 1460 4.5
Armerman, Mendel 1529 4.5
4-5 Ghayoori, Pezhman 1514 4
Potter, Daniel 1464 4
6 Lane, Victor 1412 3.5
7 Pispek, Peter 1412 2.5
8 McEachern, Graham 1130 0
1 Seehusen, John 1087 6
2 Mison, Ashley 1120 5.5
3 Gray, Alan 925 5
4 Rasmussen, Henning 843 4
5 Lee, Geoff 1018 3.5
6 De Winter, Stephen 828 2.5
7 Mather, Craig 1.5
8 Neilson, Cain 0