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13-07-2008, 11:28 AM
A Fritz database of Tasmanian chess games over the past 10 years is up on the Burnie site at
[link deleted - mod]

13-07-2008, 11:45 AM

Kevin Bonham
13-07-2008, 05:52 PM
The link to the database has been deleted as it is the work of a person who is banned from this site and site rules prevent linking to the output of a banned poster. I'm sure those who want to find it will not have too much trouble doing so anyway, but when they do they should note that while the effort put into compiling any database of Tasmanian games is appreciated and of use, claims of fact in it are not to be taken seriously without independent verification.

Here is one example of a howler (with apologies for beating my own drum in this case but the error is a whopping one) - Tasmanian Championship 2001.

The 2001 Tasmanian State Championship was held in Hobart from 10th to the 12th March.
It was an 8 round event with the standard 1.5 hours per player per game.
Kevin Bonham, (also acting as arbiter!), won the event a point clear of the field. This was his first tournament win since winning the Tas Open in 1997.

Um, no, not even close. Here is a list of rated tournaments won by Bonham that were completed between these two events:

1997 HICC International One Hour
1998 Australia Day Weekender (=1st with Nigel Frame)
1998 Sandy Bay Club Championship (=1st with Peter Knight)
1998 HICC Club Championship
1998 Sandy Bay One Hour
1999 Australia Day Weekender
1999 Sandy Bay Club Championship (=1st with Peter Knight, Ross George, Nigel Frame and Allan Richards)
1999 HICC Club Championship
1999 Sandy Bay One Hour
2000 HICC Club Championship
2000-1 Sandy Bay One Hour

Most of these are mentioned in Neville Ledger's "Chess: Tasmanian Records" so there is no excuse for Donnelly (a clubmate of Ledger) making these kinds of factual mistakes. "First major tournament win since ..." would be correct - although it's amusing that Donnelly is happy to use the concept of a "major tournament" in reference to Nigel Frame's first win of the Tas Open when elsewhere he insists that Tassie chess is irrelevant rubbish.

I may post later if I find some more.

13-07-2008, 06:34 PM
did the database alluded to in post 1 ever undergo an "integrity" check? :uhoh: :lol:

Kevin Bonham
13-07-2008, 06:51 PM
Haven't found any more yet. Actually the remaining tournament intros generally seem accurate (those that I am able to vouch for), but I wasn't entirely impressed with this:

Most of the tournaments associated with the games have summary notes in the database including final placings.
These were gleaned from a variety of sources and are generally presented without credit to any particular author as editing was frequently necessary, sometimes including combining reports from separate sources.

If you are reproducing a report more or less verbatim you should certainly give credit to the author, and the following reports of mine are all reproduced more or less verbatim (often as a straight cut and paste, or with minimal additional comments) without specific credit:

2004 Hobart Weekender
2005 Tasmanian Championships (credited to "ACF web site")
2005 Tasmanian Open
2006 Tasmanian Open
2005 Hobart Weekender
2006 Aussie Weekender
2006 Tasmanian Championships
2006 Launceston Weekender
2007 Tasmanian Open
2007 Hobart Weekender
2008 Tasmanian Open

As far as I can see, the only one of mine actually credited to me is a cut and paste from this BB re the 2007 Tasmanian Championships.

There are also cases where Tony Dowden's reports posted on this site are not given due credit.

This is all very amusing for two reasons. Firstly, Phil trolled me for an alleged characteristic failure to give credit where it is due (here (http://chesschat.org/showpost.php?p=115083&postcount=12)) but I debunked the only example he produced, he didn't accept my invitation to produce others, and now (not for the first time) it turns out he's pretty sloppy at it himself.

Secondly we had all kinds of ranting and raving from Phil about how my 2006 Tasmanian Championships report supposedly cast the Burnie Chess Club in such a terrible light, this leading not only to his dummy-spit off the TCA shortly after the event but also to the widely and deservedly ridiculed "exclusivity clause" pertaining to the 2006 Burnie Shines Weekender, which Phil has admitted was created specifically to stop me saying such terrible things about his club.

Yet what do we find in the database Phil has just released? The whole report that was supposedly so terribly offensive, cut and pasted absolutely verbatim, without credit as noted above but with not a comma altered! :lol:

Perhaps it will now be hurridly sanitised but Phil's concerns can't have been too seriously held (or must have, with the passage of time, been realised to be nonsense) if he was able to include it in the database unaltered at all!