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Phil Bourke
27-05-2008, 10:48 PM
Firstly, my apologies for being remiss in not getting these results posted earlier. Hate to admit it, but it must have slipped my mind :doh:

The 1st Round was held way back on the 27/04/08 and consisted of Blayney V Dubbo and Katoomba V Bathurst.

In the Blayney-Dubbo match, it was reduced to three boards with Dubbo unable to field a full team. Blayney were a little understrength, with their regular Nr 1 having commitments to a Golf Championship (We prayed that it would be rained out, to no avail :lol: )

1. Phil Bourke (B) 0 - Trevor Bemrose (D) 1
A painful loss for Phil and Blayney, it was the last game to finish and Phil absolutely blew a drawn ending :boohoo:

2. Sandy Alexander (D) 0 - Mick Hendricks (B) 1
Mick continued his good form from the Dubbo Open and claimed another impressive scalp for an unrated player. :clap:

3. Col Parsons (B) 0 - Ramon Aich (D) 1
Col seems to be one of those adult players suffering from "Acute Youth Induced Chess Trauma" as young Ramon has now beaten him twice in their last two meetings. Well done to Ramon, condolences to Col !

With the Dubbo forfeit on 4, this made it 2-2 and a win to Dubbo on countback. :wall:

I am sure you can sense the bias this was written with, and now in good editorial fashion, I include Dubbo's recounting of this match.
:D :eek: :owned: :snooty:

In the Katoomba - Bathurst match, Bathurst sprang a bit of an upset, surprising their hosts and themselves.

1. Dick Davies (K) .5 - Slavko Kojic (B) .5
Slavko seems to be improving with each outing. One of the hidden pearls that has been unearthed with a little digging and effort.

2. John McLoon (B) 1 - Glynn Curran (K) 0
A good result for John, a player that tends to go unnoticed in most conversations about the best players in the area, something that opposing players do at their peril.

3. Milson Tyler (K) 0 - Rod McPhee (B) 1
Rod only went on the trip when another player was unavailable and made sure the effort was worth it.

4. Chris Dowling (B) 0 - George Marfutenko (K) 1
Wily George proved that he is still able to mix it on the board, Chris gained another lesson that we all hate as everything disintegrated after more than holding his own for the majority of the game.

A nice win to Bathurst 2.5 - 1.5

Everyone was pleased to have the competition up and running, and very pleased with the quality of the chess exhibited.

Phil Bourke
27-05-2008, 11:14 PM
Round Two was held on 25/05/08 and all the teams met up at the Bathurst Chess Club for the two matches.

Bathurst - Blayney

1. Slavko Kojic (Ba) 1 - Fritz Van der Wal (Bl) 0
The last game in the match to finish, and Slavko continued to show his improved form, gaining his first victory over Fritz in their fourth (? maybe third) encounter.

2. Mick Hendricks (Bl) 0 - John McLoon (Ba) 1
John showed everyone how to handle this upstart who has been beating everyone lately :) Much to Mick's chagrin John found a flaw in his tactical barrage and emerged with a solid material plus and a good win.

3. Naum Todoroski (Ba) 0 - Phil Bourke (Bl) 1
A game that hinged on a small plus that just grew and grew as the game progressed. Not much of a tactical fireworks display, but a satisfying game to win and annoying one to lose.

4. Col Parsons (Bl) .5 - Richard Thatcher (Ba) .5
Another case of a late call up for Bathurst doing a fine job. This game was an interesting struggle. The players wrap was that every time they each thought they were getting some play, the other managed to quell the fire with some astute exchanges and the game concluded with a draw that both had thoroughly enjoyed.

A 2.5-1.5 win to Bathurst.

In the Dubbo - Katoomba match. (played in Bathurst to alleviate the travel for both teams)

1. Sandy Aich (D) .5 - Dick Davies (K) .5
A pleasing result for Sandy against a higher rated Dick.

2. Glynn Curran (K) 1 - Wayne Bredin (D) 0
Glynn didn't show the same kindness though, he calmly and resolutely found the win.

3. Norm Dowton (D) 0 - George Marfutenko (K) 1
George is really liking this competition, scoring his 2nd win in 2 rounds. Norm tried his best, but George simply found better moves.

4. Was an agreed draw as both teams could only field three players.

A 3-1 win for Katoomba.

The third round is set down for 22/06/05
Katoomba host Blayney
Dubbo host Bathurst

Phil Bourke
16-11-2008, 11:28 PM
Western Region InterClub Challenge

27/04/2008 Blayney 2 Dubbo 2
Katoomba 1.5 Bathurst 2.5

25/05/2008 Bathurst 2.5 Blayney 1.5
Dubbo 1 Katoomba 3

22/06/2008 Katoomba 1.5 Blayney 2.5
Bathurst 2.5 Dubbo 1.5

20/07/2008 Dubbo 3 Blayney 1
Bathurst 2.5 Katoomba 1.5

24/08/2008 Blayney 4 Bathurst 0
(16/11/2008) Katoomba 0.5 Dubbo 3.5

28/09/2008 Blayney 3.5 Katoomba 0.5
(19/10/2008) Dubbo 3.5 Bathurst 0.5

Match Points Game Points
Dubbo 4 14.5
Bathurst 4 10.5
Blayney 3 14.5
Katoomba 1 8.5

Date Home Team Away Team
27/4/08 Blayney Dubbo
Bourke, Phil 0.0 Bemrose, Trevor 1.0
Hendricks, Mick 1.0 Aich, Alexander 0.0
Parsons, Col 0.0 Aich, Ramon 1.0
Forfeit Win 1.0 Forfeit Loss 0.0
2.0 2.0

Katoomba Bathurst
Davies, Dick 0.5 Kojic, Slavko 0.5
Curran, Glynn 0.0 McLoon, John 1.0
Milson, Tyler 0.0 McPhee, Rod 1.0
Marfutenko, George 1.0 Dowling, Chris 0.0
1.5 2.5

Date Home Team Away Team
25/5/08 Bathurst Blayney
Kojic, Slavko 1.0 Van der Wal, Fritz 0.0
McLoon, John 1.0 Hendricks, Mick 0.0
Todoroski, Naum 0.0 Bourke, Phil 1.0
Thatcher, Richard 0.5 Parsons, Col 0.5
2.5 1.5

Dubbo Katoomba
Aich, Alexander 0.5 Davies, Dick 0.5
Bredin, Wayne 0.0 Curran, Glynn 1.0
Dowton, Norm 0.0 Marfutenko, George1.0
No Player 0.5 No Player 0.5
1.0 3.0

Date Home Team Away Team
22/6/08 Bathurst Dubbo
Kojic, Slavko 0.0 Bemrose, Trevor 1.0
Todoroski, Naum 0.5 Aich, Alexander 0.5
McPhee, Rod 1.0 Dowton, Norm 0.0
Forfeit Win 1.0 Forfeit Loss 0.0
2.5 1.5

Katoomba Blayney
Davies, Dick 0.5 Van der Wal, Fritz 0.5
Curran, Glynn 0.0 Bourke, Phil 1.0
Milson, Tyler 1.0 Mann, Garry 0.0
Marfutenko, George 0.0 Parsons, Col 1.0
1.5 2.5

Date Home Team Away Team
20/7/08 Bathurst Katoomba
Kojic, Slavko 0.5 Milson, Tyler 0.5
McLoon, John 0.0 Curran, Glynn 1.0
Todoroski, Naum 1.0 Lane, Gavin 0.0
McPhee, Rod 1.0 Kozelj, Herman 0.0
2.5 1.5

Dubbo Blayney
Bemrose, Trevor 1.0 Van der Wal, Fritz 0.0
Aich, Alexander 1.0 Bourke, Phil 0.0
Russell, Murray 1.0 Hendricks, Mick 0.0
Forfeit Loss 0.0 Parsons, Col 1.0
3.0 1.0

Date Home Team Away Team
24/8/08 Blayney Bathurst
Van der Wal, Fritz 1.0 Kojic, Slavko 0.0
Bourke, Phil 1.0 McLoon, John 0.0
Hendricks, Mick 1.0 Hofman, Herman 0.0
Parsons, Col 1.0 Dowling, Chris 0.0
4.0 0.0

16/11/08 Katoomba Dubbo
Curran, Glynn 0.0 Bemrose, Trevor 1.0
Lane, Gavin 0.5 Aich, Alexander 0.5
Smirnov, George 0.0 Bredin, Wayne 1.0
Forfeit 0.0 Dowton, Norm 1.0
0.5 3.5

Date Home Team Away Team
28/9/08 Blayney Katoomba
Bourke, Phil 0.5 Davies, Dick 0.5
Hendricks, Mick 1.0 Hamilton, Ross 0.0
Lincoln, Ian 1.0 Curran, Glynn 0.0
Parsons, Col 1.0 Lane, Gavin 0.0
3.5 0.5

19/10/08 Dubbo Bathurst
Bemrose, Trevor 1.0 Davidson, Jamie 0.0
Aich, Alexander 0.5 McPhee, Rod 0.5
Gleeson, Grant 1.0 Thatcher, Richard 0.0
Russell, Murray 1.0 Forfeit 0.0
3.5 0.5

Bill Gletsos
16-11-2008, 11:59 PM
Please send me the SP files for rating.