View Full Version : Sunday Tournament on May 11

06-05-2008, 07:04 AM
May Rookies Cup A mothers day special
Every mother attending in support of a child player will receive a small mothers day gift
Every mother playing will compete for the mothers day trophy
A tournament for Juniors and Seniors
Junior Prizes First $30 plus Rookies Cup trophy. Second $20.
Highest placed girl $20 plus Queen’s Cup trophy
Trophies for first and second in minimum 3 ratings groups.
Senior prize fund $50 minimum
Tournament entry:
$10 for CANTERBURY JUNIOR members, BOX HILL members, students from CHESS RULES AUSTRALIA PTY LTD and Z CHESS
$15 for visitors
Box Hill Chess Club, Canterbury Junior Chess, Emulation Hall
3 Rochester Road Canterbury
Enter on the day by 12.15 at the venue or enter via the website www.boxhillchess.org.au and pay on the day