View Full Version : More bucks at Mingara

Gary Losh
26-04-2008, 06:30 PM
The top four finishers at the Mingara Open weekender on May 17-18 will earn the right to enter a rapid play-off for a share of $500 in bonus cash.
Keith Hogan, a new player to Mingara but one with a long involvement in chess, has offered to put up the bonus bucks through his company Australian Commercial Kitchens.
The aim is to attract strong players and plenty of them, but the benefits will flow through to those aiming at divisional prizes as well.
Mingara Recreation Club has thrown in $650, enough to cover expenses and the guaranteed Open 1st prize of $400.
Total prizemoney is dependent on entries, but a modest 30 entry fees (15 x $40 and 15 x $30) will allow a prize pool of $2000.
You may have noted that the entry fees of $40 adult or $30 pensioner/junior, are considerbly reduced from the $60 and $45 of last year.
As an example, a field of 30 would be arranged in rating order and split into three groups of ten. The top 10 would compete for the Open prizes, while prizemoney of $200 1st, $100 2nd and $50 3rd would be offered in each of the lower divisions.
Full details will soon be at www.mingarachess.info, but i'll e-mail them to anyone who asks at glosh51@dodo.com.au