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Phil Bourke
18-04-2008, 01:33 PM
Hear is a quick summation of the recently held Dubbo Open.
1st - Tony Weller, from Qld with a 6/6 performance, played good chess throughout and got lucky in a few tight finishes.
=2nd - David Castor and Allen Setiabudi 5/6. Allen was the winner of the U1600 Division with this effort
=4th - Shaun Press, Fritz Van der Wal, Mike Canfell, Mos Ali, Emma Guo
The other placegetters in the U1600 were;
2nd Emma Guo
=3rd Trent Parker, Garry Mann, Bill Egan, Megan Setiabudi, Phil Bourke, and Gary Losh.

Sorry but I cannot recall who won the Junior prizes, but another Blayney Barbarian joined in the fun, Mick Hendricks was winner of the Unrated prize with a very impressive 3.5/6 in his first ever tournament.

It was a good enjoyable tournament with a welcome addition of ACT players helping to make up a field of 30 players, of which, 21 got a share of some prize or other.

Some highlights were a Dubbo Junior playing against a well known visually impaired player delivering mate and then delivering the following immortal comment, "I thought you would have seen that.........Uhh......I mean I thought you would have felt that." Cracked the whole hall up including the player he delivered it to :)

A personal highlight was a 3/6 effort in the blitz tournament on Saturday night. The first game, against Shaun Press, really stands out in the memory banks whereby an opening experiment in which I 'sacrificed' two minors to create a myriad of fascinating and complex LOSING chances really had me wondering if I knew anything about this game at all :)

All in all, a great weekend, despite a minor setback on Sun morning for me, and a great advertisement for the benefits of playing in the smaller and friendlier country tournaments.

18-04-2008, 03:20 PM
Onya Tony :clap:

18-04-2008, 05:23 PM
yes well done Tony.

Tony also won a tourney in Toowoomba recently with a picket fence and is obviously playing very well.