View Full Version : Anzac DAy Qualifier Allegro tournament!!!

10-04-2008, 12:46 PM
Attention everyone - the following announcement has been made by Firegoat on the other chess server:

*******/MCC Anzac Day qualifier


Hi Everyone,

As most people are aware, the Anzac Day weekender at MCC is approaching. In conjunction with this event, ******* and MCC will be running an allegro (15minute) qualifying tournament. Basically the idea is that as soon as we get TEN interested players in this thread, I will run the qualifying event at MCC.

The cost is $7. For that you get guaranteed 9 games of chess. The winner of the event gets automatic entry to the Anzac Day weekender. Please nominate which days you prefer to play and at what times. I would prefer Friday nights or Sunday afternoons, but ultimately we want to be flexible enough to allow you,the players, to decide.


So....As FG no longer visits this server...regularly and checks his messages - Please message your expressions of interest to me...or simply post them in this thread. I will pass all your entries, suggestions etc. to FG. Looking forward to see you there!