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08-02-2008, 09:13 PM
10 player round robin (Fide-Rated to make it more attractive)

Fee/Prize structure (I am taking MCC as an example)

Entry fee: $50 ($60 for those who are not MCC members)

Basic expenses: Fide registration fee $100 ACF rating fee $50

Prize money 1st.$200 2nd 100.

Depending on players availability it is possible to play 2-3 games a week.

So how to get together a field of 10 players? simple! Just ask chess players to sign up for the tournament in advance (e.g. pay $10 deposite) and when 10 players register - registrations can close..and the tournament can start!

I spoke to a number of players (e.g Brendon, Sarah etc.) and they recon its a good idea and would love to play.

So make a nice round-robin fide-rated event happen at your club.
P.S And if MCC holds on of these, i will be more than happy to play!

Or ye, and if you want to play in tourney like this at MCC message me!

28-04-2008, 01:07 PM
Slowly but surely the tournament is flling Up.

Latest sign-ups include: Jake Kosterewa, Tony Davis and Anurag Sandiham.

Those of you who are playing in City of Melbourne Open tonight - there is a tournament "expression of interest" list on the main notice board! Please right down your name and phone number.

If you are not planning to pop into Melb chess club some time soon - please message me with your name and contact details!