View Full Version : 2007 Croydon Club Championship and Blitz

Spiny Norman
14-12-2007, 08:09 AM
Another year completed. Now we can all get some sleep! We had a terrific presentation night last night, and more than 20 participating in the Blitz tournament. Special thanks to Teddy and Pearl Yung who brought their BBQ, also Tracey Frost who along with several other volunteers made sure that everyone got fed and watered. We were also boosted by a surprise visit from ACF supremo Gary Wastell.

Finally, some quick results:

2007 Club Champion: N Y Wong (6/7)

2007 Junior Champion: Jamie Cross (5.5/7)

2007 Blitz "Championship" (http://www.croydonchess.com/Results/2007/PresentationNightBlitzDecember/tabid/1064/Default.aspx): shared between Richard Goldsmith and yours truly Stephen Frost (5.5/7)

All results (including all games from the club championship) now posted at: www.croydonchess.com (http://www.croydonchess.com)