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Bill Gletsos
24-11-2007, 11:23 PM
After 11 rounds George Xie and Max Illingworth finished on 9 points.

A 2 game play-off then occurred, the result being 1-1.
A final play-off game was drawn.

Therefore the NSW State Lightning Championship title for 2007 is shared between George Xie and Max Illingworth.

No Name Feder Loc Total 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

1 Xie, George NSW 2485 9 9:W 8:W 10:W 4:W 7:W 2:L 5:L 6:W 3:W 11:W 18:W
2 Illingworth, Max NSW 2247 9 16:W 6:W 7:L 11:W 4:W 1:W 3:L 17:W 5:W 10:W 8:W
3 Hu, Jason NSW 2154 8 13:W 11:W 4:L 7:W 10:W 6:W 2:W 5:W 1:L 8:L 9:W
4 Mas, Hafizulhelmi OS 2372 8 20:W 5:W 3:W 1:L 2:L 15:W 8:W 7:W 9:W 6:L 22:W
5 Chan, Jason NSW 2094 7.5 23:W 4:L 14:W 6:D 8:W 10:W 1:W 3:L 2:L 7:W 15:W
6 Jones, Brian A NSW 1968 7.5 21:W 2:L 9:W 5:D 12:W 3:L 15:W 1:L 16:W 4:W 7:W
7 Berezovski, Stanislav NSW 2132 6 15:W 14:W 2:W 3:L 1:L 9:W 11:W 4:L 8:W 5:L 6:L
8 Bolens, Johny NSW 2115 6 24:W 1:L 17:W 19:W 5:L 16:W 4:L 13:W 7:L 3:W 2:L
9 Escalante, Lorenzo NSW 1742 6 1:L 21:W 6:L 23:W 13:W 7:L 10:W 11:W 4:L 12:W 3:L
10 Flatow, A (Fred) NSW 2227 6 12:W 19:W 1:L 16:W 3:L 5:L 9:L 20:W 17:W 2:L 26:W
11 Hartmann, Thomas NSW 1828 6 18:W 3:L 24:W 2:L 19:W 12:W 7:L 9:L 14:W 1:L 25:W
12 Jovanovic, Stevan NSW 1687 6 10:L 22:D 23:W 14:W 6:L 11:L 19:W 15:D 13:W 9:L 20:W
13 Christensen, Joshua NSW 1651 6 3:L 26:W 19:L 17:W 9:L 20:W 16:W 8:L 12:L 22:W 23:W
14 Keast, Robert NSW 1760 6 26:W 7:L 5:L 12:L 21:W 19:W 17:L 22:W 11:L 25:W 24:W
15 Tulevski, Vasil G NSW 1877 5.5 7:L 17:W 16:L 24:W 20:W 4:L 6:L 12:D 22:W 23:W 5:L
16 Saksena, Kaushik NSW 1710 5 2:L 18:W 15:W 10:L 22:W 8:L 13:L 25:W 6:L 26:W 19:L
17 Descallar, Levi NSW 1810 5 25:W 15:L 8:L 13:L 26:W 18:W 14:W 2:L 10:L 19:W 21:L
18 Gonzales, Rolando NSW 1376 5 11:L 16:L 26:W 22:L 25:W 17:L 20:L 23:W 24:W 21:W 1:L
19 Rachmadi, Herman NSW 1846 4 22:W 10:L 13:W 8:L 11:L 14:L 12:L 21:L 26:W 17:L 16:W
20 Liuga, Victor NSW 1712 4 4:L 23:L 22:W 25:W 15:L 13:L 18:W 10:L 21:W 24:L 12:L
21 Baldwin, A(Tony) C NSW 1542 4 6:L 9:L 25:L 26:W 14:L 23:W 24:L 19:W 20:L 18:L 17:W
22 Greenwood, Norman NSW 1425 3.5 19:L 12:D 20:L 18:W 16:L 24:W 25:W 14:L 15:L 13:L 4:L
23 Burgess, Shane NSW 1563 3.5 5:L 20:W 12:L 9:L 24:D 21:L 26:W 18:L 25:W 15:L 13:L
24 Smit, George NSW 1628 3.5 8:L 25:W 11:L 15:L 23:D 22:L 21:W 26:L 18:L 20:W 14:L
25 Van Elmpt, Martin NSW 1359 2 17:L 24:L 21:W 20:L 18:L 26:W 22:L 16:L 23:L 14:L 11:L
26 Bell, Daniel NSW 1 14:L 13:L 18:L 21:L 17:L 25:L 23:L 24:W 19:L 16:L 10:L

26-11-2007, 10:21 PM
a short report (with a couple of pictures) are on the NSWCA website