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13-06-2004, 01:06 AM
There have been many minor updates to the forum. Here is a complete list:

Feedback and Site Help merged
Hardware, Software and Graphics merged into "Computer Chess"
Several forums are now sub-forums
Gradients removed for quicker loading
New button set
G-Zip enabled (BB will download much faster for 56k modem users)
Upload your picture to your profile page (Profile pictures enabled)
Maximum images per post increased from 10 to 15
Attachments per post increased from 5 to 15
Maximum poll options increased from 10 to 30
Automatic similar thread search
Lock icon on index page shown to users without permission to post (i.e Guests) [Reversed]
Threads show a list of other users who are reading the same thread
Profile Picture Limits

Pixels: 250 x 250
Size: 100 kilobytes.
If you are experiencing problems with anything on the forum, email me at karths@gmail.com.au (karths@gmail.com) or PM me.

New domain is also stable now. Please use http://chesschat.org/ to access this forum.