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Kevin Bonham
02-10-2007, 08:27 PM
Details below taken from official entry form as sent by Neville Ledger:


Class One Myer Tan Australian Chess Grand Prix event. Hosted by the Burnie Chess Club for the TCA.

Venue Haven View Primary School, Marriott, Burnie, Tasmania 7320.

Format 6 round Swiss. 60 minutes plus 10 seconds per move per player

Rounds Start Saturday 3rd November: 10/30 a.m., 1/45 p.m., 4/00 p.m., 7/15 p.m., Sunday 4th November 9/30 a.m., 12/45 p.m.

Entry Fees $50 waged, $45 concession, $30 under 18 yrs, $25 under 12 years, $5 discount if received by Friday 19th October 2007. Entries after 2nd Nov. may be declined if there is insufficient equipment. Entries on the day if accepted, will close at 10/00 a.m. sharp.

Prizes 1st 40%, 2nd 20%, 3rd, Under 1700, Under 1500, 10% of prize pool (subject to at least three entries per division) Under 18 years prize $60, Under 12 years prize $50. The prize pool is entry fees less running costs and levies. Depending on the number of entries the Burnie Chess Club may elect to pay all or some expenses from its own resources. The Burnie Club may (at its discretion) see fit to increase the prize fund.

Arbiters Russell Horton and assistants to be announced before commencement of play.

Enquiries Neville Ledger, Phone (03) 6431 1280 e.mail nlchess@tassie.net.au

Notes FIDE Laws 2005 apply ringing mobiles will incur automatic forfeit. Entrants agree to abide by all decisions of the organizers and arbiters. The organizers reserve the right to make any changes required.


ENTRIES TO: Neville Ledger, P. O. Box 837, Burnie, Tasmania 7320.

Kevin Bonham
03-11-2007, 09:08 PM
Currently on but I didn't make the trip up this time (first Burnie weekender I've missed in c.12 years) as a result of clashes with a large number of other things I wanted to do. (I have a lot of these clashes, and often miss a lot of other things to play chess, but sometimes the other things win.)

29 players which is a very encouraging size of field. 14 juniors. 4 players playing first rated games (I think). Top seeds Dowden 2011 Frame 1794 Dyer 1738.

05-11-2007, 01:29 PM

Kevin Bonham
05-11-2007, 01:46 PM
Was not there. Have seen nothing on unofficial BCC website, nothing on ACF Grand Prix website and nothing in my inbox as yet.

Kevin Bonham
05-11-2007, 04:09 PM
I have heard the following:

5.5/6 Tony Dowden
5 Alastair Dyer
4.5 Russell Horton, Tom Krasnicki

Tom Krasnicki (UNR adult) got the bye in the first round and subsequently drew with Dowden and defeated Nigel Frame. His only loss was to Dyer.

Dowden defeated Dyer.

I have also heard that Hobart junior Jamie Briant (1041) defeated Phil Donnelly (1600!!) :owned: :owned: :owned:

Kevin Bonham
05-11-2007, 04:37 PM
EDIT: Points up on GP site on which basis I now have the following:

5.5/6 Tony Dowden
5 Alastair Dyer
4.5 Russell Horton, Tom Krasnicki
4 Carey Kuzmic, Kevin Hendrey, Nigel Lewis
3.5 Owen Short, Justin Hood, David Hughes, Neville Ledger, Phil Donnelly, Nigel Frame
3 Andrew Fifield, Kieren Davis
2.5 Jamie Briant, Vincent Horton
2 Adam Carter, Mason Carter, Ellyn Carter
1.5 Alina Krasnicki, Harry Briant

(missing scores for 7 players)

05-11-2007, 05:14 PM

Good work Jamie Briant!!!

Kevin Bonham
06-11-2007, 05:07 PM
I've heard Dowden's draw with Tom Krasnicki was in the final round with Dowden only needing that for outright first.

Bill Gletsos
06-11-2007, 05:32 PM
No Name Loc Total 1 2 3 4 5 6

1 Dowden, Tony 2011 5.5 11:W 4:W 10:W 8:W 2:W 3:D
2 Dyer, Alastair 1738 5 22:W 5:W 3:W 20:W 1:L 9:W
3 Krasnicki, Tom 4.5 0:W 6:W 2:L 13:W 8:W 1:D
4 Horton, Russell 1350 4.5 24:W 1:L 25:W 9:D 15:W 11:W
5 Kuzmic, Carey 1315 4 17:W 2:L 23:W 7:W 9:L 19:W
6 Lewis, Nigel 1415 4 27:W 3:L 13:D 15:D 22:W 10:W
7 Hendrey, Kevin 1397 4 25:W 8:L 22:W 5:L 23:W 21:W
8 Frame, Nigel 1794 3.5 18:W 7:W 21:W 1:L 3:L 12:D
9 Donnelly, Philip W 1600 3.5 20:L 16:W 18:W 4:D 5:W 2:L
10 Harvey, Reg 1598 3.5 14:W 15:W 1:L 11:D 20:W 6:L
11 Hood, Justin 1298 3.5 1:L 27:W 26:W 10:D 21:W 4:L
12 Hughes, David 3.5 16:D 19:W 20:L 18:W 0:D 8:D
13 Ledger, R Neville 1528 3.5 28:W 20:D 6:D 3:L 16:D 22:W
14 Short, Owen 995 3.5 10:L 17:L 16:D 28:W 27:W 20:W
15 Kuzmic, Dylan 1301 3 26:W 10:L 17:W 6:D 4:L 16:D
16 Fifield, Andrew 1313 3 12:D 9:L 14:D 26:W 13:D 15:D
17 Davis, Kieran 3 5:L 14:W 15:L 29:W 19:L 25:W
18 Sturges, Tony (Thelston) 1248 3 8:L 29:W 9:L 12:L 24:W 23:W
19 Fry, Dallas 1315 3 23:L 12:L 29:W 24:W 17:W 5:L
20 Briant, James 1041 2.5 9:W 13:D 12:W 2:L 10:L 14:L
21 Horton, Vincent 1419 2.5 29:W 23:W 8:L 0:D 11:L 7:L
22 Smith, Charlie 1176 2 2:L 24:W 7:L 25:W 6:L 13:L
23 Carter, Adam 2 19:W 21:L 5:L 27:W 7:L 18:L
24 Carter, Mason 2 4:L 22:L 0:W 19:L 18:L 29:W
25 Carter, Ellyn 2 7:L 28:W 4:L 22:L 26:W 17:L
26 Krasnicki, Alina 1.5 15:L 0:W 11:L 16:L 25:L 27:D
27 Briant, Harrison 361 1.5 6:L 11:L 28:W 23:L 14:L 26:D
28 Jolly, Jackson 623 1 13:L 25:L 27:L 14:L 29:L 0:W
29 Dowden, Ben 482 1 21:L 18:L 19:L 17:L 28:W 24:L