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31-08-2007, 01:15 PM
The fide ethics commission have made public their rulings on Topalov/Danailov. The summary is from www.chessbase.com and pasted to here.

2. Complaint against Veselin Topalov and Silvio Danailov

The complant was brought by Vladimir Kramnik and his manager Carsten Hensel and regards the public accusation raised by Topalov and Danialov during the 2006 World Championship match in Elista that Kramnik had been cheating, in order to affect Kramnikís psychological state and obtain an illegitimate advantage. Furthermore Topalov gave an interview to a Spanish news agency defaming Kramnik, the organisers of the World Championship, FIDE and its President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov.

The Commission, which interviewed Topalov and Danailov by cell-phone, gave a detailled, day-by-day cronology of events surrounding the Elista World Championship came to the conclusion that Topalov had violated art. 2.11 of FIDE Code of Ethics and issued a severe reprimand. "In the case of any serious similar breach against the FIDE Code of Ethics committed by Mr. Veselin Topalov within the next twelve months, this judgment will be considered by the EC as a precedent and Mr. Veselin Topalov could be imposed with a suitable fine and could be excluded from participation in all FIDE tournaments for at least a one-year period." Silvio Danailovís conduct violated art. 2.2.9 and 2.2.11 of FIDE Code of Ethics, and the Commission issued a reprimand and a warning as to his future conduct.

Personal opinion- What a joke. A severe reprimand. It is very difficult to imagine that the fide ethics commission was going to rule with penalty of suspension for Topalov considering all the time that has gone into re-arranging the world championship schedule to 'favour' Topalov.

What a seemingly big waste of time.

There were three other matters attended to by the fide ethics commission and those can be found at www.chessbase.com. Also on chessbase is the full transcripts of each ruling.

Kevin Bonham
31-08-2007, 01:30 PM
I'm pleased they have even given warnings at all, as I would not have been surprised had they wimped out entirely. Of course, we now have to see if Topalov's camp continues this garbage and if so what is done about it. Actually Danailov almost got off as the vote on his item was 3-2 and an abstention.

The Nigel Short bit was amusing. Short was let off for saying that Azmai and Makropolous ""spent more time in San Luis at their hotel 16 km away than they did in the tournament hall despite being paid thousands of dollars, plus considerable expenses, to do their job on the Appealís Committee", but he was warned for calling Azmai a "dunderhead".