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17-06-2007, 12:01 PM
Just saw this in the latest ICC newsletter. Funny stuff.

Good Ol' Walter Browne!
They say that the strategies for playing chess and poker are similar. And for the past year now, the renowned Dutch magazine New In Chess has featured a series of full-page ads placed by PokerStrategy.cc looking to recruit top chess players.

Even Russian ace Alexander Grischuk, the final player to qualify from the Candidates to the World Championship tournament is believed to have spent more time playing poker in the last year than he has chess - and in the process winning more money.

Veteran six-time U.S. champion Walter Browne has been a known card shark for years before the growth on TV of Texas Hold 'Em. A couple of weeks ago, he arrived at the Hotel Rio in Las Vegas to compete in the U.S. National Open alongside fellow grandmasters such as Hikaru Nakamura, Alex Shabalov and Viktor Korchnoi etc.

But Walter didn't even make it to the chess tournament. The Chess Hall of Famer had to withdraw before the start after a winning run at poker in the same hotel that saw our hero making it all the way through to a World Poker Tour final table, where we walked away with $58,000 for a seventh place finish.

Not content, "Mr. Six-Time" then entered a second WPT event - and remarkably came second to increase his overall winnings at the poker tables to $189,000!

Not a bad payday, especially when you consider his fellow grandmasters where collectively beating their brains out for a pittance at the U.S. National Open, as ICC top dog Hikaru "Smallville" Nakamura, on a winning score of 5.5/6, took home less than $6,000 for his cerebral efforts!