View Full Version : FICGS tournaments with entry fees & prizes, 3rd chess championship

14-05-2007, 09:31 AM
Hello to all !

Some news from FICGS correspondence chess server (http://www.ficgs.com)...

- The waiting list for the 3rd FICGS chess championship is now open. It will start during the first days of july. See the waiting lists (http://www.ficgs.com/waiting_list_ficgs_chess_wch.html) and rules (http://www.ficgs.com/membership.html).

- Tournaments with entry fees and prizes are now open !! Correspondence chess & faster time controls (30 min + 1 min / move, 2 hours + 2 hours / 40 moves) are available... See rules (membership) for more details.

- Wikichess (http://www.ficgs.com/wikichess.html) now contains more than 5,000 moves. Feel free to enter your own lines... At last, more than 10,000 games started one year after the start of the server.

Best wishes & have good games :D