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12-05-2004, 04:40 PM
Howdy all,

The Organisers of the 2003-4 Australian Chess Championships would like to invite you to the 2004 University Open on Saturday the 10th and Sunday the 11th of July 2004. This will be held at the same venue as the Championships-The Union Building, Adelaide University.

10th & 11th of July
Category 3 Grand Prix
$4000 Total: $1000 First
$2000 Divisonal
Entry: $40, $30 (conc.)
For queries, contact postmaster@unichess.org
Full details and print out entry form on www.unichess.org

Free transfer tournament and full buffet dinner included.

The Open has rapidly gained the reputation as one of the top 10 national chess weekenders in Australia with increasing local and interstate entrants and high praise from participating Australian top players, including GM Ian Rogers, GM Darryl Johansen, IM Stephen Solomon and IM Mark Chapman. We have already been humbled by the return of Grandmaster Ian Rogers in 2004 who is keen to once again reclaim 1st prize as he did in 2002. Many other interstate entrants have contacted us already to say they want to make the journey down to Adelaide in July (many of which have entered before).

In its fourth year, we feel this remains the best value tournament in Australia with $4000 in prizes (and 23 individual prizes) available. Further, by arranging a free all-you-can-eat buffet dinner and many other social activities (such as a free transfer tournament), the 2004 University Open is no longer considered just a tournament but an event. An event which is open to everyone, awards players of all standards, and ensures everyone has a great time.

In 2003, The University Open attracted 74 players from around Australia. It is our goal to try and increase these numbers and attract more local and interstate players. We have strived to gain more interstate entrants by organising affordable accommodation, and awarding a "Best Interstate Players' prize".

Full Prize List.

First 1000
Second 600
Third 300

Junior [500]
1st 250
2nd 150
U/16 50
U/12 50

Women [150]
1st 100
U/1800 50

Senior [150]
1st 100
U/1800 50

Interstate [150]
1st 100
2nd 50

AUCC [250]
1st 100
2nd 50
1st B Grade 70
2nd B Grade 30

Ratings [500]
2nd Quartile 100
3rd Quartile 100
4th Quartile 100
Unrated 100

Performance based prize (courtesy of Richard Thorne):
unsure of amount ($150?)

Junior Teams [300]
1st 200
2nd 100

Random No. 1 Atleast $50 value
Random No. 2 Atleast $50 value
Transfer 1st $100
Transfer 2nd 2 x Haighs Chocolate Frogs

12-05-2004, 06:45 PM
Wish I was back in Oz, sounds like a great tournament, but ill have to wait until next year. :wall: (unless I lose my job here and we get the Visa paperwork for my Fiancee' through in the next few weeks and she graduates from uni early )
doesn't all sound too likely :doh:

Alan Shore
12-05-2004, 07:56 PM
I loved this tournament last year and I recommend it to all. Unfortunately the chances of me attending this year (and defending the transfer championship) aren't too good but I'll see.

14-05-2004, 05:08 PM
Accommodation Options are available at www.unichess.org as well.

Hope to see you there!

03-06-2004, 05:54 PM
Heaps of Prizes, Cheap Entry, Free Dinner, Transfer Tournament.
See and compete against Top players from around Australia.

Everyone welcome.

02-07-2004, 02:47 AM
Don't miss out-there is still time!

This is the BEST VALUE tournament going around.
Interstate player prizes
women/seniors prizes
rating prizes
performance based prizes.
Free dinner on the Saturday night.
Transfer Tournament.

Consider entering South Australia's #1 event and one of Australia's Top 10 Weekenders!


09-07-2004, 12:48 AM
Ian may win 'The Big Three'-Gold Coast, Caloundra and Uni Open.

Nice bit of cash, eh?

09-07-2004, 10:09 PM
Ian may win 'The Big Three'-Gold Coast, Caloundra and Uni Open.

Nice bit of cash, eh?

Hey Mr AES. Are you some improvement on DES?

11-07-2004, 08:37 PM
Congratulations to GM Ian Rogers for winning the 2004 University Open on 6.5/7.

In second place was:
Chapman, Sandler and Ronald Scott.

Full details up soon on here and www.unichess.org

85 entrants was very pleasing and next year it is hoped we can reach 100.

Bill Gletsos
12-07-2004, 02:08 AM
1 Rogers, Ian NSW 2646 6.5 63:W 41:W 49:W 4:W 3:W 6:W 2:D
2 Sandler, Leonid VIC 2331 6 51:W 15:W 9:W 7:D 8:W 5:W 1:D
3 Chapman, Mark SA 2381 6 55:W 14:W 11:W 10:W 1:L 24:W 8:W
4 Scott, Ronald NSW 2221 6 52:W 37:W 16:W 1:L 18:W 11:W 12:W
5 Zaric, Srboljub SA 2243 5.5 86:+ 34:W 13:W 6:D 17:W 2:L 10:W
6 Anderson, Kim SA 1886 5.5 60:W 19:W 29:W 5:D 7:W 1:L 34:W
7 Lojanica, Milenko VIC 2023 5.5 56:W 28:W 26:W 2:D 6:L 17:W 24:W
8 Goldsmith, Alan D SA 2132 5 50:W 27:W 25:W 12:W 2:L 13:W 3:L
9 Szuveges, Narelle S VIC 1787 5 45:W 33:W 2:L 20:W 14:W 12:L 30:W
10 Yang, Song SA 1985 5 67:W 30:W 18:W 3:L 26:W 16:W 5:L
11 Juszczynski, Mathew SA 1738 5 80:W 23:W 3:L 42:W 34:W 4:L 28:W
12 Tao, Trevor SA 2439 5 87:+ 43:W 24:W 8:L 25:W 9:W 4:L
13 Stevens, Tristan SA 1706 5 64:W 35:W 5:L 19:W 30:W 8:L 31:W
14 Thiyagarajah, Prakash SA 1561 5 44:W 3:L 51:W 22:W 9:L 35:W 29:W
15 Peake, Michael R SA 1550 5 61:W 2:L 0:D 0:D 50:W 48:W 33:W
16 Rogers, Cathy L NSW 1727 4.5 70:W 38:W 4:L 48:W 27:W 10:L 20:D
17 Short, Andrew SA 1643 4.5 46:W 40:D 31:W 49:W 5:L 7:L 47:W
18 Hester, David SA 1693 4.5 74:W 48:W 10:L 50:W 4:L 19:D 40:W
19 Wedding, William SA 1478 4.5 54:W 6:L 45:W 13:L 57:W 18:D 49:W
20 Turcaj, Pavel SA 1472 4.5 85:W 24:L 64:W 9:L 53:W 26:W 16:D
21 Hill, Roderick 1900 4.5 58:W 31:D 40:D 28:L 52:W 27:D 42:W
22 Hill, Steven SA 1381 4.5 84:W 25:L 54:W 14:L 40:D 46:W 41:W
23 Foord, Justin SA 1417 4.5 75:W 11:L 74:W 26:L 70:W 41:D 43:W
24 McColl, Kevin S QLD 1872 4 57:W 20:W 12:L 33:W 41:W 3:L 7:L
25 Vosvotekas, Ross SA 1700 4 66:W 22:W 8:L 47:W 12:L 42:D 27:D
26 Garcia-Blanco, Miguel SA 1671 4 53:W 59:W 7:L 23:W 10:L 20:L 51:W
27 Ross, Bill NSW 1518 4 62:W 8:L 60:W 29:W 16:L 21:D 25:D
28 Campbell, Paul SA 1499 4 69:W 7:L 80:W 21:W 32:D 31:D 11:L
29 Wei, Wang 4 81:W 32:W 6:L 27:L 55:W 37:W 14:L
30 Haydn, Gavin SA 1501 4 76:W 10:L 56:W 40:W 13:L 49:W 9:L
31 Barber, Geoffrey QLD 1486 4 77:W 21:D 17:L 53:W 43:W 28:D 13:L
32 Cooke, Tristrom SA 1614 4 0:D 29:L 36:W 38:W 28:D 33:L 52:W
33 Ivkovic, Novica SA 1465 4 79:W 9:L 59:W 24:L 44:W 32:W 15:L
34 Utturkar, Ashwin SA 1538 4 73:W 5:L 52:W 71:W 11:L 58:W 6:L
35 Saint, Alexander SA 1390 4 65:W 13:L 61:W 41:L 54:W 14:L 58:W
36 Kramer, Warren SA 1398 4 0:D 42:L 32:L 73:W 0:D 74:W 54:W
37 Giminez, Simeon SA 1533 4 72:W 4:L 50:L 74:W 56:W 29:L 60:W
38 Heitmann, Gordon SA 1403 4 71:W 16:L 53:L 32:L 73:W 70:W 50:W
39 Han, Tianchen SA 850 4 49:L 54:L 76:W 83:W 42:L 72:W 67:W
40 Mesbah, Jaleel 3.5 42:W 17:D 21:D 30:L 22:D 55:W 18:L
41 Finney, John NSW 1588 3.5 68:W 1:L 63:W 35:W 24:L 23:D 22:L
42 Eckermann, Andrew SA 1497 3.5 40:L 36:W 57:W 11:L 39:W 25:D 21:L
43 Thorne, Richard SA 1579 3.5 78:W 12:L 55:W 0:D 31:L 67:W 23:L
44 Cooney, Mattew 3.5 14:L 55:L 75:W 45:W 33:L 57:W 48:D
45 Pedersen-Lee, Lachlan QLD 847 3.5 9:L 85:W 19:L 44:L 65:W 71:W 0:D
46 Kenmure, Jamie VIC 446 3.5 17:L 51:L 85:W 63:W 47:D 22:L 70:W
47 Evans, George SA 1467 3.5 82:W 49:L 70:W 25:L 46:D 62:W 17:L
48 Heitmann, Syamanandra SA 1382 3.5 83:W 18:L 84:W 16:L 71:W 15:L 44:D
49 Mathews, Peter SA 1832 3 39:W 47:W 1:L 17:L 60:W 30:L 19:L
50 Chia, Nicholas SA 1089 3 8:L 73:W 37:W 18:L 15:L 66:W 38:L
51 Brown, Cyril D SA 1308 3 2:L 46:W 14:L 0:D 72:D 64:W 26:L
52 Chesney, David SA 1147 3 4:L 78:W 34:L 61:W 21:L 59:W 32:L
53 Fong, Calvin SA 457 3 26:L 65:W 38:W 31:L 20:L 56:D 62:D
54 Milton, Anthony SA 3 19:L 39:W 22:L 80:W 35:L 81:W 36:L
55 Sag, Andrew QLD 1318 3 3:L 44:W 43:L 64:W 29:L 40:L 73:W
56 Heitmann, Surabhi SA 1060 3 7:L 62:W 30:L 59:W 37:L 53:D 61:D
57 Mitra, Druva SA 872 3 24:L 77:W 42:L 66:W 19:L 44:L 72:W
58 Chaudhary, Shreyas SA 941 3 21:L 69:D 81:W 72:W 0:D 34:L 35:L
59 Griggs, James SA 708 3 88:+ 26:L 33:L 56:L 77:W 52:L 71:W
60 Lin, Rui SA 884 3 6:L 76:W 27:L 78:W 49:L 75:W 37:L
61 Davey, Timothy 3 15:L 81:W 35:L 52:L 0:D 80:W 56:D
62 Huynh, Andy 3 27:L 56:L 67:D 69:W 63:W 47:L 53:D
63 Whitney, Garth SA 1340 3 1:L 68:W 41:L 46:L 62:L 77:W 74:W
64 Selvanderan, Shane SA 723 3 13:L 75:W 20:L 55:L 78:W 51:L 76:W
65 Selvanderan, Kendra 3 35:L 53:L 73:L 0:W 45:L 78:W 80:W
66 Eustace, Sophie SA 682 3 25:L 71:L 77:W 57:L 83:W 50:L 75:W
67 Zulfic, Fedja SA 1020 2.5 10:L 72:L 62:D 76:W 68:W 43:L 39:L
68 Avina, Peter 2.5 41:L 63:L 82:W 0:D 67:L 73:L 81:W
69 Liu, Fulei 2.5 28:L 58:D 71:L 62:L 75:L 85:W 82:W
70 Le, Tony SA 821 2 16:L 79:W 47:L 84:W 23:L 38:L 46:L
71 Sadras, Francisco SA 2 38:L 66:W 69:W 34:L 48:L 45:L 59:L
72 Harrison, Richard SA 2 37:L 67:W 0:D 58:L 51:D 39:L 57:L
73 Farrier, Robert 2 34:L 50:L 65:W 36:L 38:L 68:W 55:L
74 Heitmann, Kaustubha SA 506 2 18:L 83:W 23:L 37:L 84:W 36:L 63:L
75 Qian, Dennish 2 23:L 64:L 44:L 85:W 69:W 60:L 66:L
76 Liebhardt, Matthew SA 2 30:L 60:L 39:L 67:L 79:W 84:W 64:L
77 Milton, Tom 2 31:L 57:L 66:L 79:W 59:L 63:L 85:W
78 Cheong, Leo 2 43:L 52:L 79:W 60:L 64:L 65:L 83:W
79 Perks, Hugh 2 33:L 70:L 78:L 77:L 76:L 0:W 84:W
80 Morrissey, Kate SA 838 1.5 11:L 82:W 28:L 54:L 0:D 61:L 65:L
81 Morrissey, Laura SA 1065 1.5 29:L 61:L 58:L 82:W 0:D 54:L 68:L
82 Odhavji, Vishal SA 1.5 47:L 80:L 68:L 81:L 0:D 83:W 69:L
83 Selvanderan, Timothy 1 48:L 74:L 0:W 39:L 66:L 82:L 78:L
84 Soang, Duncan 1 22:L 0:W 48:L 70:L 74:L 76:L 79:L
85 Moore, Valerie SA .5 20:L 45:L 46:L 75:L 0:D 69:L 77:L
86 Clark, David ACT 1148 0 5:- 0: 0: 0: 0: 0: 0:
87 McKenchie, Andrew SA 1332 0 12:- 0: 0: 0: 0: 0: 0:
88 Hoholis, Harry VIC 1701 0 59:- 0: 0: 0: 0: 0: 0:
89 Nguyen, Giang SA 2033 0 0: 0: 0: 0: 0: 0: 0:

Alan Shore
12-07-2004, 04:41 AM
Well done Ian on another win.. great performance from Ron Scott too!