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European Chess
22-03-2007, 10:25 AM
Hey everybody!

A couple of months ago, my friends and I hit upon the idea of creating a different type of chess variant, one where every player (four players total) has a different country, to make the game unpredictable. We named it "European Chess" and ever since, we've been developing and improving on our creation.

Why play European Chess?

- More variety. With 42 different countries, each granting different pieces and different powers, every game is different.
- More strategy. Pieces do not always move predictably, and strategy becomes much deeper because there are now three players you have to watch out for.
- More social. You can't just sit back and play quietly in this game. You must constantly be active, forming alliances, encouraging other players, and of course backstabbing!

European Chess became far more popular than we imagined, slowly spreading through Southern California. Now, we're hoping to introduce European Chess to the rest of the world!

You can view the very latest European Chess rules here (http://nisnevich.com/alex/?p=chessclub_variants).

We value your feedback! Feel free to comment or criticize in any way - only with your help can European Chess be improved. If you like Euro Chess, you can rate it here (http://www.chessvariants.org/index/rategamepart1.php?itemurl=multiplayer.dir/europeanchess.html), and of course show it to all of your friends!! =)

One final note: We are running a design competition where anyone can submit a European Chess country they have designed, and if your country recieves enough votes, it will be added to the official European Chess rules (with your name of course)! See the details here (http://nisnevich.com/alex/?p=chessclub_design).

Kevin Bonham
22-03-2007, 03:57 PM
The different rules for different nations are pretty funny:

North Korea (The North Koreans)

YOU HAVE THE POWER OF INSANITY. Your moves are wild and unpredictable, and it is this that makes you dangerous.

At the start of your turn, roll a (six-sided) die. If it lands a 1, 2, 3, or 4, your turn proceeds normally. However, if it lands a 5 or 6, do the following:

First, roll another die. If it lands 1 or 2, you can move one piece this turn. 3 or 4: two pieces. 5 or 6: three pieces.

Then select the piece(s) you wish to move. For each piece, roll a die. If it lands a 1, that piece moves and captures as a pawn this turn, 2 knight, 3 bishop, 4 rook, 5 queen, 6 king. After this, you can move your piece(s), ending your turn.

Even if a different piece is moving as a king, your actual king has to be checkmated for you to lose the game. Because insanity can prevent checkmate, checkmate is declared against you only after you roll the first die.