View Full Version : 2 paired players get 1 point each after one forfeits

03-05-2004, 11:23 AM
what are the rules,player A forfeits after not turning up.player B gets one point forfeit of course,but player A also gets a 1 point bye because the tournament was not advertised on that night ,but was moved backward due to no public holiday during ANZAC day in victoria,this was the only game not held on that night,all other players were there,an announcement was made prior to start of previous round but player A was not there at that time.so they gave both players a point each because player A was following adverticed time of play is this correct under the rules.

Kevin Bonham
03-05-2004, 08:37 PM
There is no fixed rule on this.

Based on what you say, the organisers made a small error by relying on an announcement made when not all players were there. They could have backed this up by taping notices to the doors of the venue or in other places where they would be easily seen by players leaving, or perhaps by noting who was not there and contacting them seperately. Alternatively you can make it a tournament condition that all announcements will be made at time X and players are expected to be there.

I'm really not sure what else the organisers can do under the circumstances but to award two 1-pt byes, as happened. If the players involved were serious contenders in the tournament then my sympathies are definitely with their rivals. Hopefully early enough in the event to all come out in the wash.