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02-05-2004, 11:33 PM
With the ACTís two top under 16ís missing (Gareth Oliver and Michael Wei), the Under 16 was expected to be a struggle between our next two very strong juniors, Jeremy Neeman and Junta Ikeda. There were a number of dangerous players as well Ė Chris Tran, Sherab Guo-Yuthok, Khoi Hoang among others.

The first round went to plan, with all the top seeds winning, although Jake Henderson grabbed a win off an out of practise Veronique Eldridge-Smith and Luke McConnell held her brother Leif to a draw.

The second round proved more interesting. Tamzin Oliver took advantage of Jeremy Neemanís time trouble to trap his queen. Jeremy had compensation, but not enough to stop Tamzin winning. Edward Xing is another rapidly improving junior and he had a win over Lachlan McGinness.

A very in form Alice Kristofferson, played a great end game to beat Thomas Ung in round 3. Junta beat Chris Tran and Khoi took care of Tamzin. This left Junta and Khoi in the lead with 3 points each, with Sherab Guo-Yuthok and Alice just Ĺ a point behind, after taking byes for sport.

On the top board in round 4, Khoi held Junta to a draw, while Sherab disposed of Alice. Jeremy was creeping back up the standings, with a win against Yi. However Ying Lin had a good win against Chris, to knock Chris back down again. Edward Xing also had a good win against Van.

Round 5 and not many rounds to go to try and divide Khoi and Junta. However both won again, with Junta playing Sherab and Khoi, Edward Xing. Jeremy conquered Ying Lin. Alice had another upset win against Veronique Eldridge-Smith.

Round 6 and Jeremy Neeman was up on board 1 playing Junta, while Khoi got Andrew Brown. The game between Junta and Jeremy was very exciting and Junta got a well deserved win. Khoi won as well, leaving them tied equal first.

A Lightning playoff was held to determine the title. It always seems a shame to settle a weekend of chess in such a way! In spite of being a very slow player and always in time trouble, Junta is very good at Lightning and won the playoff 2-0.

Thank-you to Campbell High for providing our Chess Centre, to Mirabelle Guo for running a great canteen and to Libby Smith, Shun Ikeda, Joe McGinness, Bill Henderson and many other parents for assistance,

Trophies awarded were

Junta Ikeda 1st (after Playoff) 5.5/6
Khoi Hoang 2nd 5.5/6
Sherab Guo-Yuthok 3rd 4.5/6
Tamzin Oliver 4th (countback) 4/6
Jeremy Neeman 5th (countback) 4/6
Alice Kristofferson biggest upset 3.5/6

28 Juniors took part.

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