View Full Version : Chess in the Year 2006

13-12-2006, 12:36 PM
What are your impressions on chess events that have taken place this year (2006), both in Australia and the international scene? For me, 2 bizzarre incidents stand out on the world stage. I will give a picture to summarise each one.

The first has got to be the great toilet dispute resulting in Kramnik's forfeiture of game 5 in the reunification World Championship match. The picture of Topalov sitting alone at the board says it all. I think this picture will become a classic.

The second is the amazing missed mate-in-1 blunder by Kramnik. In the attached picture, the human world champion is staring off into the a1-corner of the board, probably thinking about how he can promote his dangerous pawns. But the real threat is Fritz 10's mate on at the other side of the board!

Finally, while I am posting pictures of 2006, I cannot resist adding a non-chess picture, perhaps the most recognizable picture of 2006 in Australian news. This picture perfectly captures the moment of the 3 characters central to Australia's World Cup controversy.