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Alan Shore
07-11-2006, 09:48 PM
I just played one of the craziest games ever on FICS... royally stuffed the opening, came back with a strong attack, then looked gone after giving away my queen, then somehow came back.. have a look.

White ELO: 1921
Black ELO: 1959 (I'm black).

Time control: 15 0

1. e4 e5
2. Nc3 Nf6
3. Bc4 Nxe4
4. Qh5 Nd6
5. Bb3 Nc6
6. Nb5 g6
7. Qf3 f5
8. Qd5 Qf6
9. Nxc7+ Kd8
10. Nxa8 b6
11. Nxb6 axb6
12. Qf3 Bb7
13. h4 Nd4
14. Qg3 Bh6
15. d3 f4
16. Qg4 Re8
17. Ne2 f3
18. Bxh6 fxg2
19. Rg1 Nf3+
20. Kd1 Nxg1
21. Bg5 Bf3 {I have 1:47 left, white has 7:22}
22. Bxf6+ Kc8
23. Qxf3 Nxf3
24. Bd5 g1=Q+
25. Nxg1 Nxg1
26. Bg2 Rf8
27. Bxe5 Rxf2 {I have about 1:30 left here}
28. Bxd6 Rxg2
29. b3 Nf3
30. Kc1 Rg1+
31. Kb2 Rxa1
32. Kxa1 Nxh4
33. Kb2 g5
34. Kc3 Nf5
35. Bh2 g4
36. Kd2 h5
37. Ke1 h4
38. Be5 d6
39. Bf4 Kd7
40. a4 Kc6 {White lost on time, I still have 0:49 left but my position is surely better} 0-1

Kevin Bonham
07-11-2006, 10:06 PM
Great entertainment in the spirit of the variation!

White panicked by returning the queen since 23.Qb4 opens black up to such an extent that the loss of the Ne2 and threat of g1Q are irrelevant and white is totally winning.

White also - and this is tricky - should have kept rooks on with 29.a4! intending Ra1-a3-c3 either getting play against the black 7th rank or cutting the black king off from stopping white's a and b pawns. I would say with 29.a4 white is still better, if not winning.

After swapping rooks off the ending highly favours black because black's king can defend the q-side without hassling from white's rook. Final position looks won by force for black to me.

Thanks for posting that, I enjoyed it.