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28-09-2006, 11:16 AM
This one comes from a post by 1min gm in the forgetting to press clock thread:

3) This problem (2) is made more serious when ridiculous time controls such as "90 mins for the first 40 moves" are used. In such cases, the digital clock is pre-set to count how many moves are made according to how many times it is pressed. If for a move (or even more), the clock is not pressed, then players may lose on time even though they have supposedly successfully reached the time control. That is, they may have made 40 moves, are thinking about their 41st move, and they suddently find they have lost on time.

First suggestion, dont use the move counter for the problems with above.

Thoughts on the rest?

Kevin Bonham
28-09-2006, 01:25 PM
It should be possible to use the scoresheets to determine the correct move number and then adjust the move number on the clock. If there is a dispute between clock and scoresheet as to move number then the scoresheet should take priority unless there is evidence it is wrong (eg a player writing down the same moves twice). If a player has reached the time control according to the scoresheet and the scoresheet is correct then a flagfall shown on the clock is not binding as the evidence of having reached the time control demonstrates the clock is wrong.

If both players aren't scoring and the game can't be otherwise reconstructed it is quite possible that a player could lose on time while having actually made enough moves. But that's a bit of a tree-falls-in-the-forest scenario since they would not know that they had lose on time unfairly.

I agree that controls at specific move numbers are best avoided.