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16-03-2004, 09:35 PM
The 2004 Autumn Junior weekender was held at the new ACTJCL Chess Centre at Campbell High. Enormous thanks to Campbell High for providing us with this facility! Thank you also to Jim Flood who is busy varnishing all those new trestle tables. This will happen at the next few competitions, so any parents with a bit of free time can give him a hand - we do have 4 brushes! Thank-you to Mirabelle Guo for running the canteen and to her helpers.

Our numbers were a bit small this year, with 60 children competing a large number of our older juniors seemed to be snowed under with school assignments. However what we lacked in quantity, we made up with quality, particularly in the reserves, which was a very strong field.

There are always a large number of upsets in a tournament like this, where the dynamic younger juniors often take a win or draw against their much higher rated opponents and this year was no different. Luke McConnell struck first in round 1, where he upset Nick Topfer a massive 821 points difference. Nick had a shocker of a tournament, and showed good sportsmanship in returning on Sunday.

We had a large number of girls playing and they did well. Alana Chibnell is fairly inexperienced, but loves her chess and tried hard. Alice Kristofferson is very talented and with some chess coaching could become one of our top girls. Lara Ong, Tamzin Oliver and Lexi Humphrey showed why they managed to win the ASCC girls primary school championships in Perth, with their play over the weekend. (Tamzin winning in both her games against Jeremy Neeman and Thomas Ung, but happy to take draws). Kayleigh Smith displayed some new found maturity after an upset loss on the Saturday, she played some really good chess on the Sunday. Shannon Oliver only lost to her brother Gareth, but conceded a draw too many to keep her out of the trophies.

Two of the unrated boys impressed Yi Yuan and Aaron Chew are going to be very strong in the future. Justin Chow had an excellent game against Junta Ikeda, pushing him right to the wire. Chris Tran was undefeated on the weekend, taking draws against Junta, Shannon and Gareth for a well deserved 2nd place. Junta played well as always and perhaps a little unlucky in his loss against Gareth. Gareth seemed to cruise through the weekend, with a quick draw against Chris Tran in the last round (Chris probably should have played on, but both parties were happy with a draw) his attention seemed to be more on all those assignments waiting at home!

Congratulations to the following Juniors for taking home trophies and to all the children for taking up the challenge of playing in the championships.

(6 rounds played)

Gareth Oliver - 5.5 First and AJW Shield

Chris Tran - 4.5 Second

Junta Ikeda - 4.5 Third

Tamzin Oliver - First Rating Group A

Lara Ong - First Rating Group B

Edward Xing - First Rating Group C

Yi Yuan - First Rating Group D

Luke McConnell - Biggest Upset

Kayleigh Smith - Best Primary School Player - Shield (the first girl to be named on the Primary Shield!)

Jenni Oliver


I can congratulate every child who took part! We had a great day in the outdoors, playing under the shade of the trees at the front of the school. The Badalassi and Redpath boys made it a family event and played extremely well - will they take the plunge and test their mettle in our next Championship event? C'mon boys, it's time you made the step up! We know you're capable. We had loads of girls playing in the reserves, especially the tiny variety. All are showing the benefit of club chess and a long period of participation. I was very impressed! A big thank you to Jennie Nicholson, Shun Ikeda, Jim Flood and all the other helpful parents who assisted and supported on the day.

Prizewinners were -

Pietro Badalassi 1st Place 10/11
Michael Redpath 2nd Place 8.5/11
Antonio Badalaassi 3rd Place 8/11
Nicholas Redpath 4th Place 7.5/11
Jack Hendy 5th Place 7/11

Karen Khoo - Rising Star Award (7th place on 6.5/11 but having the highest countback of all competitors)
James Li - Exciting Debut Award (=11th on 6/11 in his first event)
Michael Peters - Encouragement Award (20th on 5/11 in his first event but could have been even better - we just need to teach him to avoid a stalemate in a winning position!)

Libby Smith

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