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08-04-2006, 10:09 AM
Hello to all. I'm new on this forum... :)

I would like to introduce to you FICGS, a new web-based Correspondence Chess Server... http://www.ficgs.com

The aim of FICGS is to offer an open & always improving server for Corr. Chess & variants and WCH & tournaments formulas which fit to the most... For example, there are a lot of old-classical-chess-world-championship-cycles nostalgics and I think a good WCH cycle can't be an exclusive round-robin tournaments cycle)

Features of FICGS server :

- Cost free
- Direct tournament registration, automatic tournament creation
- Class & rapid tournaments, special tournaments & events, chess variants & go tournaments
- Tournaments with entry fee and prizes (soon)
- Games : Chess, Chess 960, Big chess (a special FICGS anti computer variant), Go
- Graphical interface available for each game. (see Help) Email notification.
- Different appearance of chess board, different backgrounds, multi language interface
- Live games (rss available) and games database available for all members
- Live tournament results & informations (category, points required for norms etc...)
- Automatic rating calculation every two months, rating history
- Titles FICGS (EM, IM, SIM, GM) ... Automatic title norms calculation
- Javascript and Html viewer for classical chess & go
- Simple move entry by clicking on pieces and destination fields, or plain text format (PGN)

You can visit the server http://www.ficgs.com with the guest / guest account

The server started today.

Thanks & best wishes.