View Full Version : FIDE-approved Swiss Pairing Programs

20-03-2006, 03:40 PM
The following appears in the March Arbiter's Notebook column by Geurt Gijssen on the Chess cafe website <www.chesscafe.com/geurt/geurt.htm>

Question Dear Mr. Gijssen, Is there any FIDE-approved program for tournament management designed for the Pocket PC, excluding Smart Phones, which are forbidden by the Rules of Chess? Best regards, Milen Petrov (Bulgaria)

Answer The following programs are approved by FIDE:
Program Swiss System
Swiss Master Dutch System
GMB Lim System
SWISS CHESS Dutch System
SVBOSS Dutch System
Swiss Manager Dutch System

Furthermore, the Monroi Personal Tournament Manager is also endorsed by FIDE. For further information I refer you to the Monroi website.

That leaves a question about the status of Protos - or has it changed its name? It also doesn't say if any of them works on a pocket PC and I haven't a clue. :(