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14-02-2004, 02:29 PM
This competition has been going for a few weeks now - a bit smaller than usual, with some of our top Juniors missing.

The first 3 reports follow (courtesy of Ian Rout) and I will put up weekly reports.

14-02-2004, 02:30 PM
The 2004 Belconnen Open and Belconnen Minor opened last night with a relatively small roll-up, by BCC standards, due to people still recovering from the holidays and the Australian Juniors.

Potential entrants should note that the Minor is restricted to players rated below ACF 1111, which means that it is not too traumatic for inexperienced players (e.g. parents) who would like to try club chess, or for intermediate players who want to see themselves at the top of a tournament table.

The Open is for players 1111+, and ambitious players rated under this level. Due to there being two sections the Open was closer than is usually the case in the first round and upsets were almost as common as games going with seeding; Davy Lin and Ying Lin both won while Justin Chow and Nick Topfer drew from the bottom half.

The Minor was quieter with the top seeds Michael Reading, David McKell, John Brennan and Colin McPhee all unscathed.

The first round results are below, for tables see


2004 Belconnen Open - Round 1
Andrew Brown - Ian Rout 0-1
Milan Grcic - Peter Murphy 1-0
Paul Dunn - I. M. Hosking 0-1
Ramakrishna - Nick Topfer -
Gaya Sakthivel - Junta Ikeda 0-1
Jeremy Neeman - Miona Ikeda 1-0
David Clark - Chris Tran 0-1
Jeremy Reading - Justin Chow -
David Jaksa - Kishore Sreetharan 0-1
Awais Cheema - Davy Lin 0-1
Ying Lin - Nguyen Tran 1-0
Jey Hoole - Emma Guo 1-0
Shannon Oliver bye
Sherab Guo-Yuthok bye
Robert Riggs bye
Khoi Hoang bye
Tamzin Oliver bye

2004 Belconnen Minor - Round 1
Michael Reading - Edward Xing 1-0
Alexander Mitchell - David McKell 0-1
Colin McPhee - David Burrell 1-0
Taiyang Zhang - John Brennan 0-1
Anthony Oliver bye
Jenni Oliver bye
David Mitchell bye

14-02-2004, 02:31 PM
The Belconnen Open looks like being a multi-horse race with more of the top seeds losing ground this week. On Board 3 Ian Hosking lost against Kishore Sreetharan, while Milan Grcic's somewhat optimistic draw offer was accepted by Chris Tran on Board 2.

Other upset results were a win to Justin Chow and a draw to Simon Mitchell. There should have been another upset but if the meat industry ever wants to sponsor a prize for the most severly butchered game then Robert Riggs will be a contender for last night's effort.

After only two rounds just two of the players who on seeding are supposed to be on 100% have avoided dropping anything. Leading scores -

2 - J. Ikeda, Sreetharan, Rout
1 - J. Reading, S. Oliver, C. Tran, Chow, Ramakrishna, Hoang, Guo-Yuthok, Grcic, Selby, Hoole

The Belconnen Minor has been more sedate other than an upset win to David Mitchell last night. Leading scores -

2 - M. Reading, McKell
1 - A. Oliver, D. Mitchell, Dedman

The Minor is limited to players under ACF 1111. New players may join either event next week with half-point byes for missed rounds. Existing competitors unable to attend a particular week may also take a half-point for that week, contact RamakrishnaG@aol.com with as much notice as possible.

This week's scores below, see


for the full table and other information.

================================================== ======
2004 Belconnen Open - round 2
================================================== ======
Ian Rout - Jeremy Neeman 1-0
Chris Tran - Milan Grcic -
I. M. Hosking - Kishore Sreetharan 0-1
Junta Ikeda - Ying Lin 1-0
Davy Lin - Ramakrishna 0-1
Shannon Oliver - Robert Riggs 1-0
Roger McCart - Simon Mitchell -
Nick Topfer - Khoi Hoang 0-1
Thomas Ung - Jeremy Reading 0-1
Sherab Guo-Yuthok - Luke Allerton 1-0
Kenzo Selby - Tamzin Oliver 1-0
Justin Chow - Awais Cheema 1-0
Miona Ikeda - Andrew Brown 1-0
Peter Murphy - David Clark 1-0
David Jaksa - Paul Dunn 0-1
Emma Guo - Gaya Sakthivel 0-1
Jey Hoole bye
Mosaddeque Ali bye
Nguyen Tran bye

================================================== ======
2004 Belconnen Minor - round 2
================================================== ======
John Brennan - Michael Reading 0-1
David McKell - Colin McPhee 1-0
Anthony Oliver - Jenni Oliver 1-0
Jennie Nicholson - David Mitchell 0-1
Edward Xing - John Dedman 0-1
David Burrell - Alexander Mitchell -
Taiyang Zhang bye

14-02-2004, 02:33 PM
The Belconnen Chess Club passed the half-century this week with the Belconnen Open now having 37 players and the Minor, restricted to U/1111, 14 players.

Next week is the last chance for new players to join either event with half-point byes for the three missed rounds. Existing competitors unable to attend a particular week may also take a half-point bye for that week, contact RamakrishnaG@aol.com with as much notice as possible.

Play seemed generally sharper this week with several games featuring Kings in unusual positions. There were however still several long games, notably Jeremy Reading holding a difficult draw against Shannon Oliver in the last game of the night and keeping both players out of an already crowded top spot.

Leading scores in the Open

2 - C. Tran, J. Ikeda, Sreetharan, Rout, Hoang, Ramakrishna

2 - S. Oliver, Q. Nguyen, S. Mitchell, J. Reading, Neeman, Guo-Yuthok, Ali, McCart, Grcic, Hosking

Kishore Sreetharan and Sherab Guo-Yuthok scored half-upsets for the round in contrasting circumstances. Kishore's game on the top board blew out to a sedate draw at an early stage while Sherab lost his Queen against Milan Grcic and then won it back before the game concluded in an unbalanced Rook ending.

In the Minor, Michael Reading and David McKell went into the week on a perfect score and played for the lead with Michael coming out on top. Michael now has the only 100% score in either section. Leading scores -

3 - M. Reading

2 - A. Oliver

2 - Lloyd, Brennan, McKell

This week's scores below, see


for the full table and other information.

A long-range reminder that the tournament will go into recess for a week on March 5 when the club will host the ACT Lightning Championship. For those interested in less cerebral forms of argument the Championship will be preceded by the ACTCA AGM.

================================================== ======
2004 Belconnen Open - round 3
================================================== ======
Kishore Sreetharan - Ian Rout -
Milan Grcic - Sherab Guo-Yuthok -
Ramakrishna - Kenzo Selby 1-0
Jeremy Reading - Shannon Oliver -
Khoi Hoang - Jey Hoole 1-0
Justin Chow - Chris Tran 0-1
Mosaddeque Ali - Peter Murphy 1-0
Van Nguyen - I. M. Hosking 0-1
Paul Dunn - Roger McCart 0-1
Jeremy Neeman - Davy Lin 1-0
Gaya Sakthivel - Quan Nguyen 0-1
Simon Mitchell - Miona Ikeda 1-0
Robert Riggs - Ying Lin 1-0
Nguyen Tran - Thomas Ung 0-1
Luke Allerton - Nick Topfer 0-1
Tamzin Oliver - Andrew Brown 1-0
Awais Cheema - David Jaksa 0-1F
David Clark - Emma Guo 1-0
Junta Ikeda bye

================================================== ======
2004 Belconnen Minor - round 3
================================================== ======
Michael Reading - David McKell 1-0
John Dedman - Anthony Oliver 0-1
David Mitchell - Aidan Lloyd 0-1
Colin McPhee - Taiyang Zhang -
Jenni Oliver - John Brennan 0-1
Alexander Mitchell - Jennie Nicholson -
Edward Xing - David Burrell 1-0

Kevin Bonham
14-02-2004, 08:29 PM
Jenni, why do you use 1111 as the cutoff not say 1100? Is it just for novelty or because you have a specific player in the range 1100-1110 who you want to partition into the lower group?

14-02-2004, 10:38 PM
Jenni, why do you use 1111 as the cutoff not say 1100? Is it just for novelty or because you have a specific player in the range 1100-1110 who you want to partition into the lower group?

Ian Rout set the number. I don't know for sure the rationale - I was in Perth when he set it, but knowing Ian I would suspect it is his quirky sense of humour. The same reason for having a tournament called the Voldemort Goblet last year.

24-02-2004, 09:53 AM
Report by Ian Rout as usual

This week's round featured an interesting attempt to play a Deferred Alekhin with 1.Nf3 Nf6 2.e4. However this was not the first game to finish, that was achieved by David Jaksa in a general trend of good results by juniors who now dominate the top of the table.

There was only one brevity on the top eight boards. Chris Tran and I won to move to the lead, Sherab Guo-Yuthok won the longest game of the night which was described by his opponent as "a good game, until the end", Ian Hosking and Jeremy Reading drew a game which both players wanted to win, Kishore Sreetharan continued his good run by holding Milan Grcic to a draw, and Simon Mitchell and Jeremy Neeman also kept up with the leaders. Top scores -

3 - C. Tran, Rout
3 - S. Mitchell, Neeman, Guo-Yuthok, Sreetharan, J. Ikeda
2 - Hoang, Riggs, Hoole, Hosking, J. Reading, Ramakrishna, Ali, Grcic

The trend failed to carry through to the Minor where the leader, Michael Reading, was unseated by the slightly older Tony Oliver. Leading scores

3 - A. Oliver
3 - M. Reading, McKell
2 - A. Selby, Zhang, Lloyd

For all the scores see


01-03-2004, 02:59 PM
First a reminder that Belconnen goes into recess for one week next Friday, 5 March, for the ACTCA AGM and the ACT Lightning Championship. Watch out for separate notices about these from the responsible authorities. All ACTCA members, not just BCC, are of course eligible to participate in both events.

Without wanting to threaten people, the Lightning can't start until the AGM is over and the AGM can't start until it has a quorum, so if you have no important shopping to do you can help out by dropping in for the AGM (take a book or newspaper).

In over the board action this week the big news was a win by Khoi Hoang against Milan Grcic. Khoi won the Exchange and then a piece in a good attacking game. Milan now has three draws and a loss against four juniors in February and will be looking forward to March.

In other games Jeremy Neeman won one of the quickest games to move to outright second, and Sherab Guo-Yuthok held on for a draw against Junta Ikeda in one of the best games of the night to leave both of them in a scrum on equal third.

Those joining them include Simon Mitchell who scored a half-upset against Mos Ali, and Ian Hosking who scratched out a win against Robert Riggs. Jey Hoole had the opportunity to be up there but missed the win of a piece and was then floored by a strong piece sacricice from Rama.

The top board was being played for outright first. Chris Tran excited the crowd when he came up with an enterprising sacrifice of a Queen and two pawns for three of my pieces. Often this is a good trade despite the beginners scale of Q=9 etc but in this case the pieces had nowhere to go.

Leading scores

4 - Rout
4 - Neeman
3 - C. Tran, Hoang, S. Mitchell, Guo-Yuthok, J. Ikeda, Ramakrishna, Hosking

There was also movement at the top of the Minor. Tony Oliver's week in the sun ended with a loss to David McKell putting Michael Reading back in the lead with David. Top scores

4 - M. Reading, McKell
3 - A. Oliver, Lloyd
3 - Xing

For the full tables of this and other events see


Chris Tran - Ian Rout 0-1
Sherab Guo-Yuthok - Junta Ikeda -
Jeremy Neeman - Kishore Sreetharan 1-0
Simon Mitchell - Mosaddeque Ali -
Khoi Hoang - Milan Grcic 1-0
Robert Riggs - I. M. Hosking 0-1
Ramakrishna - Jey Hoole 1-0
Shannon Oliver - David Clark 1-0
Tamzin Oliver - Roger McCart 0-1
Kenzo Selby - David Jaksa 0-1
Quan Nguyen - Davy Lin 1-0
Ying Lin - Nick Topfer -
Nguyen Tran - Miona Ikeda 1-0
Justin Chow - Thomas Ung 0-1
Paul Dunn - Andrew Brown 0-1
Van Nguyen - Peter Murphy 0-1
Gaya Sakthivel - Luke Allerton 1-0
Emma Guo bye
Jeremy Reading bye
Awais Cheema zero bye

David McKell - Anthony Oliver 1-0
Michael Reading - Taiyang Zhang 1-0
Aidan Lloyd - Colin McPhee 1-0
John Brennan - Edward Xing 0-1
Jenni Oliver - Jennie Nicholson 0-1
John Dedman - Alexander Mitchell -
David Burrell bye
David Mitchell bye
Alex Selby zero bye

06-03-2004, 11:18 PM
Ian Rout's pessimism about turnout for the AGM was not justified with more than enough people there for a quroum well before the 7:30 start. (Even if they were there for lightning, it looked impressive with over 30 people in the room.)

Jey Hoole has obviously decided he likes volunteering for things, as he added ACTCA Secretary to his new ACF secretary role. Well done Jey!

Brief report on the ACT Lightning Championships follows.

ACT Lightning Championship
There was an entry of 32 and the event was played over 9 rounds. The prize winners were:

1st equal Roger Farrell and Gareth Oliver 7.5/9
3rd Mosaddeque Ali 7/9

Top of the lower half Andrew Brown, Michael Reading and Jey Hoole 5/9

Thanks to the Belconnen Chess Club for hosting and organising the event.

Denis Jessop
President ACTCA

15-03-2004, 01:57 PM
After a break for some ACTCA business the Belconnen Open resumed on Friday. The top of the table finished a little more densely packed than it started as a result of the two leaders managing only half a point between them. On the top board Rama and I both missed wins before the game was drawn by perpetual check, and on the second board Jeremy Neeman, playing against Ian Hosking, failed to solve the Dragon player's dilemma of what to do when White doesn't play the Rauser attack.

The upset of the round was scored by Kishore Sreetharan who won an endgame with a Rook plus the odd pawn or two against Mos Ali's Bishop and Knight.

Leading scores

5 - Rout
4 - C. Tran, J. Ikeda, Hosking
4 - Sreetharan, Neeman, Ramakrishna, Hoang, J. Reading, Q. Nguyen

In the Minor all of the top three won leaving the order at the top unchanged. Leading scores

5 - M. Reading, McKell
4 - A. Oliver
3 - Lloyd

(The Mitchell-Burrell result is apparently uncertain but this doesn't have much effect on the tournament position). For the full table see


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
2004 BELCONNEN OPEN Round 6 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Ian Rout - Ramakrishna -
I. M. Hosking - Jeremy Neeman 1-0
Junta Ikeda - Simon Mitchell 1-0
Sherab Guo-Yuthok - Chris Tran 0-1
Kishore Sreetharan - Mosaddeque Ali 1-0
Roger McCart - Quan Nguyen 0-1
David Jaksa - Jeremy Reading 0-1
Milan Grcic - Robert Riggs 1-0
Jey Hoole - Nguyen Tran 1-0
Thomas Ung - Ying Lin 1-0
Davy Lin - Kenzo Selby 0-1
Andrew Brown - David Clark 1-0
Peter Murphy - Gaya Sakthivel 1-0
Miona Ikeda - Justin Chow -
Emma Guo - Paul Dunn 0-1
Luke Allerton - Van Nguyen 1-0
Shannon Oliver bye
Khoi Hoang bye
Nick Topfer bye
Tamzin Oliver bye

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
2004 BELCONNEN MINOR Round 6 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Aidan Lloyd - Michael Reading 0-1
Edward*Xing - David* McKell 0-1
Alex Selby - Anthony Oliver 0-1
Taiyang Zhang* - Alexander Mitchell** 0-1
Colin McPhee - John Dedman -
David Mitchell - David Burrell 1-0
Jennie Nicholson bye
Jenni Oliver bye
John Brennan bye

22-03-2004, 10:30 AM
Only one round remains in the Belconnen Open and Belconnen Minor and there was a bit of action on the top boards in this week's round.

In the Open, Junta Ikeda and Chris Tran moved into the lead with wins against me and Ian Hosking respectively. Other winners on the top boards were Kishore Sreetharan and Khoi Hoang, who are still within striking distance. Top scores

5 - C. Tran, J. Ikeda
5 - Rout, Sretharan, Hoang
4 - Q. Nguyen, J. Reading, S. Oliver, Guo-Yuthok, Hosking

The three leaders in the Belconnen Minor managed only half a point between them, and that draw was from a dead lost position, but as there was a large gap in the table the only effect has been that David McKell has taken the outright lead. Top scores

5 - McKell
5 - M. Reading
4 - A. Oliver

After the final round on March 26 there will be a transfer tournament on April 2 (as there are two rooms there may be a lightning or other event on the same night if there is any interest), and the club will not operate on Good Friday, April 9.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~
2004 BELCONNEN OPEN ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~
Junta Ikeda - Ian Rout 1-0
Chris Tran - I. M. Hosking 1-0
Ramakrishna - Kishore Sreetharan 0-1
Jeremy Neeman - Khoi Hoang 0-1
Quan Nguyen - Milan Grcic -
Jey Hoole - Shannon Oliver 0-1
Simon Mitchell - Sherab Guo-Yuthok 0-1
Roger McCart - Thomas Ung 1-0
Mosaddeque Ali - David Jaksa 1-0
Kenzo Selby - Peter Murphy 1-0
Nick Topfer - Andrew Brown 1-0
Nguyen Tran - Robert Riggs 1-0
Ying Lin - Tamzin Oliver 1-0
Miona Ikeda - Paul Dunn 1-0
Gaya Sakthivel - Justin Chow 1-0
Emma Guo - Luke Allerton 0-1
Van Nguyen - Awais Cheema 0-1
Davy Lin bye
Jeremy Reading bye
David Clark bye

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~
2004 BELCONNEN MINOR ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~
David* McKell - Aidan Lloyd -
John Dedman - Michael Reading 1-0
Anthony Oliver - Edward*Xing 0-1
Alexander Mitchell** - Colin McPhee -
John Brennan - Alex Selby 0-1F
David Burrell - Taiyang Zhang* 0-1
David Mitchell - Jenni Oliver 1-0
Jennie Nicholson zero bye

22-03-2004, 10:50 AM
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~
2004 BELCONNEN OPEN ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~
Simon Mitchell - Sherab Guo-Yuthok 0-1
Mosaddeque Ali - David Jaksa 1-0

hi jenni

I spy Simon Mitchell. His parents were good volunteers at Box Hill.
I spy Mos Ali. He was a great junior coach at Dandenong.


22-03-2004, 12:02 PM
hi jenni

I spy Simon Mitchell. His parents were good volunteers at Box Hill.
I spy Mos Ali. He was a great junior coach at Dandenong.

Simon and his mum are lovely, but I think now he is older, she is more into the drop Simon and pick him up at the end mode. He is sticking to the Senior club and not playing junior events. As I said on another thread I think people have different times in their life when they help!

We have already asked Mos if he wants to do some coaching for us - he used to do quite a bit before he left Canberra for Victoria. He is also playing at Canberra Chess Club and seems to be helping out there - results and pairings for the next round seem to be sent out by Mos.

29-03-2004, 09:20 PM
The Belconnen Open and Minor concluded on Friday - see below for details of coming events.

There was an error in the reported scores last week and the actual position going into the final round of the Minor was that Michael Reading and David McKell were tied in the lead, but having played each other were relying on someone else to take a half-point or point off the other. Tony Oliver and Aidan Lloyd, half a point back, played each other with the winner being in with a chance if the top boards went the right way.

As it turned out there was no repeat of the all-round stumbling of the previous round, but David did drop a half-point to John Dedman, which was enough to give Michael an outright win. Top scores

6 - M. Reading
5 - A. Oliver, McKell
5 - Xing
4 - Lloyd

The Open was a little different with the joint leaders, Chris Tran and Junta Ikeda, playing each other, with three others able to tie if the leaders drew. Chris played a careful Hippopotamus-type build-up, inching forward across the board while Junta adopted a more forthright approach, piercing the hide around the King. I missed the end while butchering an ending but it seems the wounds were fatal and Junta won to take first place.

On the second board Kishore Sreetharan defended a complicated Kings Gambit to take second place. Shannon Oliver, Jeremy Reading and Ian Hosking won to join in a share of third.

Overall it was a good tournament for juniors (again) with most of the adults performing below their seeding or expected score or both. Top scores

6 - J. Ikeda
6 - Sreetharan
5 - C. Tran, S. Oliver, J. Reading, Hosking
5 - Hoang, Rout, Neeman, Grcic, McCart

Congratulations to Junta and Michael.

All the scores at


Next week BCC will have a transfer tournament, and for those who think that transfer is not chess there will be a lightning tournament (though some people would say that is also not chess) if there is sufficient interest, or if not people can just play socially. There is no entry fee for either event. Don't worry if you don't have a partner for transfer, you can find one on the night.

April 2 is also the last day to qualify for the early entry discount to the Doeberl Cup so presumably (though no promises) somebody will be there to take entries.

The following Friday (April 9) is the start of the Doeberl Cup and the club will be closed.

A new tournament starts on April 16. The Ginninderra Cup is played in two seven-round Swiss tournaments of approximately equal strength followed by four-player round-robin finals; the top two in each of the qualifying groups go into the A final, the next two into the B final etc. Don't be put off by the ten-week span because it isn't compulsory to participate in the finals, and the normal half-point bye rules apply in the qualifiers (two allowed, in any round except the seventh).

Note that, as advised previously, it has been decided that only players who have played at least one multi-week event since last year's Belconnen Premier will be eligible for the top group of this year's edition; this will be the last such event.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~
BELCONNEN OPEN - final round ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~
Chris Tran - Junta Ikeda 0-1
Khoi Hoang - Kishore Sreetharan 0-1
Ian Rout - I. M. Hosking 0-1
Sherab Guo-Yuthok - Shannon Oliver 0-1
Jeremy Reading - Quan Nguyen 1-0
Mosaddeque Ali - Roger McCart 0-1
Milan Grcic - Kenzo Selby 1-0
Jeremy Neeman - Ramakrishna 1-0
Nguyen Tran - Nick Topfer 1-0
Thomas Ung - Jey Hoole 0-1
Simon Mitchell - Ying Lin 1-0
Andrew Brown - Davy Lin 0-1
Peter Murphy - Miona Ikeda 1-0
David Jaksa - Gaya Sakthivel -
Luke Allerton - Tamzin Oliver 0-1
Robert Riggs - Awais Cheema 1-0
Paul Dunn - Van Nguyen 1-0
Justin Chow - Emma Guo 1-0
David Clark zero bye

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~
BELCONNEN MINOR - final round ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~
Michael Reading - Alex Selby 1-0
John Dedman - David* McKell -
Aidan Lloyd - Anthony Oliver 0-1
Edward*Xing - Taiyang Zhang* 1-0
Jennie Nicholson - Colin McPhee 0-1
Jenni Oliver - Alexander Mitchell** 1-0
John Brennan - David Burrell 1-0
David Mitchell zero bye