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12-02-2006, 02:46 PM
The positional sacrifice is quite different from a tactical one. The former aims for some durable positional advantage such as the two bishops, better piece coordination, a better pawn structure, stopping the opponent castling etc.

Here is a positional sac from one of my games against Fritz. I decided to put this one in its own thread rather than my fritz one. As ususal I am the victim of the positional cunning of the computerised beast; someday I may be the instigator of such mischief but only when I am using a walking stick and dentures.

This is a book line in which black sacrifices rook for pawn and piece. With correct play by white black has the tiniest of adavntages. bUT with patzer play like mine black has a great game and a lasting advantage. I will leave it to the viewer to see how, first, white should respond [obviously white to move being in check] and , second, what the positional advantage is that black gets. Black gets the positional edge in question for the rest of the game and white [silly me] never shakes it off even in the endgame about 30 m0oves later.

My point is that I would like to get better at positional sacs: both playing them and meeting them. No book I have ever seen deals with them. The more I play chess the more amazed I become at the lack of quality middlegame literature - as Kotov said in "The Art of the Middlegame" the number of books ofthe middle game can be counted in 1 hand.

I add that I am not of the belief that lowly rated players should stick to more "direct" methods while leaving positional subtleties to the upper echelons of the chess food chain. I leave that sort of "play e4 and the purely tactical openings until you get good at chess" to the idiocy of Fred Reinfeld who, quite frankly, for all his admirable chess writings didn't know what he was talking about at times.

Qn1qkb1r/p2p1ppp/1p2p3/2p5/2P5/2Nn3P/PP1P1PP1/R1B1K2R w KQk - 0 10


[but if you are a diehard Icelandic gambit/morra/Danish God knows what aslong as it aint positiona;l petrson then a positional sac will go over your head haha ha :) ]

13-02-2006, 01:26 PM
as Kotov said in "The Art of the Middlegame" the number of books ofthe middle game can be counted in 1 hand.

Look at Watson's two books on Chess Strategy.

Crouch - How to defend in chess contains some very interesting exchange sacs
by Petrosian. He was the absolute master of exchange sacrifices.

08-11-2007, 07:40 PM
Solomon is the master of the positional sac, routinely giving away the exchange or a piece for only 1 or 2 pawns to unbalance the ending.