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11-02-2006, 03:43 PM
I will put any of my more interesting games against Fritz in this thread.

Here's one:

[Event "90'/40+90'/40+90'"]
[Site "Melbourne"]
[Date "2006.02.11"]
[Round "?"]
[Black "Fritz 8"]
[Result "0-1"]
[ECO "A17"]
[BlackElo "2531"]
[Annotator "Fritz 8 (30s)"]
[PlyCount "82"]

{A17: English Opening: 1...Nf6 with ...Bb4} 1. c4 Nf6 2. Nf3 b6 3. Nc3 e6 4. e4
Bb7 5. e5 Ne4 {last book move} 6. Nxe4 Bxe4 7. d4 Nc6 8. a3 {Covers b4} Bxf3 ?! my annotation: I thought that this move was dubious at the time and my moves bear that out. Fritz ruins my pawns and my chances of castling kingside. But white gets 2 bishops, the g file for a rook and the f3 pawn that could even be useful to support e5. 9.
gxf3 Qh4 10. Be3 Be7 11. Rg1 g5 12. h3 f5 13. exf6 Bxf6 14. Rg4 Qh5 15. f4 h6
16. h4 (16. f5 O-O-O 17. fxe6 Qe8 + assume this symbol means white is slightly better) 16... O-O-O += [a plus above = is a minute advantage for white, I assume] 17. fxg5 hxg5 18. hxg5
Rdg8 19. Rg3 Bxg5 20. Qxh5 Rxh5 21. Rxg5 (21. Bg2 !?
and White can hope to survive, 21… Ne7 22. Ke2 += ) 21... Rhxg5 =+ which I assume means a minute edge to black 22. Bxg5 Rxg5
23. O-O-O Rg4 24. d5 Nd4 25. dxe6 dxe6 26. Bd3 (26. Kd2 c5 =+) 26... Rf4 slight advantage to black
27. Rf1 Kd7 28. Kd2 e5 29. Ke3 Rf3+ 30. Kd2 a5 (30... Kd6 31. Be4 Rb3 32. Kc1
$17) 31. Be4 Rb3 32. Rb1 (32. Kc1 !? keeps black’s edge to a minimum ) 32... Kd6 -+ It is a won game for black now. 33. Ke1 Kc5 34.
Kd2 Rh3 (34... Kxc4 ? {is a blank shot} 35. Rc1+ Kb5 36. Bd3+ Rxd3+ 37. Kxd3
$18) 35. Bd3 a4 36. Rf1 c6 37. f4 $2 (37. Rd1 $142 $19) 37... Nb3+ 38. Ke2 (38.
Kc2 {doesn't change anything anymore} Kd4 39. Be2 exf4 40. Rd1+ Kc5 $19) 38...
exf4 39. Be4 (39. Bg6 {a last effort to resist the inevitable} Rh6 40. Bc2 Nd4+
41. Kd1 $19) 39... Re3+ 40. Kd1 Rxe4 41. Rf3 Nd4 (41... Nd4 42. Rf1 f3 $19) 0-1

This is an interesting game in many ways. I will put my thoughts and some FEN diagrams in the next post. Note that this was against Fritz unleashed with no hints etc. I have changed some of the full analysis symbols that are gibberish in windows.

11-02-2006, 03:50 PM
r3k2r/p1pp4/1pn1pb1p/6pq/2PP1PR1/P3B2P/1P3P2/R2QKB2 w Qkq - 0 16

At this point I was winning against Fritz unleashed but couldn’t find the right continuation.

The right course for white is f5! Then black will reply 0-0-0 and white can take the pawn by f5 X e6 followed by black playing Qe8.

But look at the mind-boggling candidates on offer for white. Most obvious is to play f4 X g5 and I looked at that and saw no adavantage for white. I couldn't tell for sure if I won a pawn but I thought I didn't. Then white has about 5 legal possibilities for a discovered atatck with the rook upon the black queen. All 5 desreve a look at, even if briefly. Indeed, I play one of them on move 19 [Rg3]. Then there are the quieter moves such as Qd2 to attack the pawn again or Bg2. Then there is the move I actually play [h4]. I had to make sure that I wasn't going to lose material by the queen being overloaded with protecting both. rook and pawn . I was quite sure that black taking off the d4 pawn with a piece did not work. So, after all this, I played h4 which I thought at least kept pressing. I was sure that black could get the pawn back [which it did] Fritz gives h4 as a slight adavantage for white.

To be honest, I never even saw f5! as a candidate; I had so much else else on my plate and a clock ticking. It shows how difficult it can be to cash in an advantage when the tactics are so mind-boggling and other more obvious candidates abound. I think that it would have taken a player quite experienced in tactics to have seen f5! perhaps motivated by the "forkable" position of the black knight at c6.

p.s Now I see the point of f5! Of course! If black takes the pawn there is a crosswise check by the white rook that wins the black queen! So there was another discovered attack to consider:the 6th one that I didn't see!!

But hang on? what about f5! then black ...e5 Why doesn't that work for black? Since Fritz rejected it ...e5 cannot work but I can't see why. hmmm.

11-02-2006, 04:22 PM
I have accidentally pressed the reply button instead of edit. I add that in that FEN diagram it is white to move.