View Full Version : SanLuis controversy

06-12-2005, 04:23 PM
The only player in the championship who had not changed his seat was tapalov whereas other players were made to sit at different place each round!
This was spotted and an unnamed player in the championship objected against this,but nothing was done.

Later after the tourney another controversy arose where in topolov and his second were accused of cheating as it was observed that his second was teaching him moves by making different actions.

My observation after co-relating the two incidents : No wonder how topolov was able to play so well without tiring in such a big tourney playing some incredible chess the like of which no one has seen him play before.

Instead of assuming things its better to let the future decide!
The pressure is on topolov to perform!

Kevin Bonham
06-12-2005, 08:56 PM
This has already been discussed here.

I find it unlikely that seating position changes would significantly affect results.

As for the claim about computer-cheating there has been no evidence advanced for it at all and the accuser has not even had the guts to put their name to it so I assume this is just a lame case of sour grapes. Unless someone has proof then nothing should take away from a brilliant performance by Veselin Topalov. Indeed I believe he could have done much better, but was playing safe in the second half of the event.