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13-11-2005, 02:00 PM
Just an update:

Hi Everyone

Sneak preview before I get the system skinned, all raw code, just moved it onto my server.

I have opened the system, no security for accounts (for testing) just leave a message in the forum if you want to

test the tournament module.

First I would like to say I am very happy with the results of this feature, this feature was added to provide a new

flavor to turn based systems and provides a method to speed up games on this type of system.

General information on how this works, the pairings are all done automaticly however, at this time (during testing

and because I need to be sure it works correctly) I have the ability to overwrite the computers decisions on pairing,

when I am satified that the program will pair in a fair and just manner I will allow it to take full control. When I

have time (after testing) I will post the details and rules on how it makes its pairings and what selection process

it uses to determine the results.

The system follows the general ideas lay out, in the swiss pairing system making exceptions for rules that have no

bearing on a online turn based system, such as: Taking into consideration the distants a player has travelled to

enter a tournament when considering a bye (since this policy has no bearing, it of course is not considered) and

simalar rules are not considered in the program.

Accounts dummy1 to dummy7 for testing all have the password 1234, use these accounts to test tournament features, I

believe you will like the features. If you have 7 players join a tournament I suggest you make it 6 rounds, the pass

(bye) feature is done automaticly however, you can change the pairings if required also the withdraw and return

feature is nice.

Some people would say I am doing this ass backwards, skinning, and tournament features before making the board public

and they are right (eveyone else does it the other way) but I decided to leave the simple stuff (that could be fixed

fast) for later and work on the harder stuff however, I did insure that the basics were their to play the game.

Please check my profile for the url. or go to http://anyone4chess.com

Non-profit chess system.

Have fun....


16-11-2005, 08:12 PM
Okey I created my account...I login in, What else I can do?