View Full Version : The Pay-Off for Chess

13-10-2005, 11:56 PM
Some questions: On a scale 0 to 10
0= suicidal
1= devastated
2= depressed
3= sullen
4= disappointed
5= ambivalent
6= up
7= chuffed
8= high
9= extatic
10= orgasmic

You play against higher and lower rated players. How do you usually feel after:

A. Loss to a higher
B. Loss to a lower
C. Win over a higher
D. Win over a lower
E. Draw with a higher
F. Draw with a lower

G. Win over young junior
H. Loss to young junior
I. Draw with young junior

J. Losing by your blunder
K. Winning by their blunder

L. Winning because of special preparation
M. Losing despite special preparation

N. Winning a point for your team
O. Losing a point for your team
P. Drawing a game for your team

Q. While you are winning
R. While you are losing
S. While you are in a struggle

Look at you answers. What can you learn about yourself?