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Leonid Sandler
22-09-2005, 11:24 AM
Hello all,
Last weekend Tasmanian junior championship took place in Launceston with 66 juniors participating.Event was organised by Chess guru on behalf of Tasmanian chess association.I was doing coaching during the event and was pleasantly surprised to see a lot of talented kids there.Hopefully chess in Tasmania will benefit from this tournament and soon we will see a few good players from this beautiful state .I wish all tasmanian chess players all the best in their future endevours.

Kevin Bonham
22-09-2005, 02:58 PM
Yes, this seems to have run very well.

Some results etc mostly drawn from David's report to the TCA.

The time limit for all games on the final weekend was G25+10 secs. U14-U18 was held as a single event with 19 entries, U12 had 25, U10 had 15 and U8 had 7. Additionally there were two pre-qualifying events - the one in the North attracted 35 players, that in the South attracted 53.

Tasmanian Junior Champions are:

U18 Thomas Hendrey 7.5/8 in combined U14-U18
U16 Dylan Moores 5/8 in combined U14-U18
U14 Alastair Dyer 6/8 in combined U14-U18
U12 James Briant 7/8
U10 Vincent Horton 8/8
U8 Luke Bombadieri 7/7

Megan Briant (4/8 in combined U14-U18) is Open Junior Girl Champion and Joanna Ferris (3/8 in same) is U14 Girl Champion. Top-scoring girls in the other divisions were: U12 Nina Horton (5.5/8), U10 Erin Frame (6/8 and outright second), U8 Olivia Deconinck (5/7).

There was good publicity for chess in the Hobart Mercury after the Briant family did very well in the Hobart qualifiers (James winning the U12 qualifier and Megan winning the U18 qualifier ahead of nine boys!)