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Phil Bourke
11-12-2005, 09:33 PM
Seems like you lot are having fun over a spot of what I call over officiating!
One gets the impression that rules have been written and bent to suit different people at different times. Oh what a tangled web we weave :)
How about sitting down, throwing all the current rules regarding grade matches in the bin and starting again.
First, there will be however many rounds needed to satisfy the round robin or whatever style tournament you want to base it on. If you wish to add a semi final/final scenario, then that will be a 1st v 4th match and 2nd v 3rd match to decide the finalists, the 1st and 2nd teams will be the home team for these matches. The final will be played at the higher placed clubs venue with them as home team.
All games will be played on the night scheduled at the place scheduled, none of this prearranged draws or getting your games played beforehand, it is a sport where the contest happens at the appointed time, not at a time of convenience!
There are some basic thoughts from an outsider, please don't condemn me too much.
I realise it is all old news to you people, but I am a recent arrival to the forum and only discovered the topic when someone else posted here recently.