View Full Version : ACT Under 8 Championship

26-06-2005, 06:04 PM
The ACT Under 8 Championship was held today and attracted 32 participants.

It was won by Bevan Lee on 7/7 followed by

2nd Cedric Koh 6/7 (NSW)
3rd Yijun Zhang 5/7
4th Frederick Litchfield 5/7
5th Clarise Koh (NSW) 5/7

1st Under 6 was won by Ethan Derwent 4/7

Encouragement Awards for Joanne Mason & Cory Lee

The event has attracted between 25 & 40 participants for the last four years. We almost always have media coverage (although we may have missed out this year with the Canberra Times already covering our Open Primary final with photo & story midweek).

I don't normally post the results of our twiddly little events like this but it was interesting to have 2 NSW children travel 100s of Km to play in an event like this.

It has been immensely successful for us in introducing children to competitive chess in a very safe and fun environment. You understand the focus of this age group a little better when you realise the first question they ask an opponent is "how old are you?" Or, "what grade are you in?"

We run an U8, U10 & U12 allegro event each year. Having started with the U8, we anticipate a good number of them continuing on to the U10 and then some to the U12. Partly because they have gained the confidence from their first little event where everyone was about the same size, and even the "superstars" lacked any real intimidation factor.

This was certainly a big reason cited by the parents who came from Sydney. They thought the children would really like to play other people their age. It's definitely an event worth running in every state (in my opinion anyway and as long as you don't mind endless explanations if how a knight moves, you can't move into check, you can't castle with your queen and pawns can't take backwards :eek: ).

It's even an opportunity to identify some little talent and turn them on to chess before they sell their souls completely to football!

PS And as with all our events - everyone receives a participation ribbon (with their name & event on it) and for some kids - that's as good as a gold medal!