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The CCLA was initiated by members of the Melbourne Chess Club most likely prompted by the arrival of airmail in Australia.


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The CCLA was initiated by members of the Melbourne Chess Club most likely prompted by the arrival of airmail in Australia.


Now we do a blitz online game in seconds, that link tells of a corro game Oz and USA taking 5 years. WW1 was over by that period - all of Europe was re-organised and seeds sown for WW2.

And the Fischer Spassky world champ was longer then some Middle Eastern wars.

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The first Australian Correspondence Chess Championship was completed in 1934.


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The International Correspondence Chess Federation, ICCF, is a federation of national bodies including the Correspondence Chess League of Australia. It conducts international teams competitions mainly through the use of the ICCF web server but some postal chess may still be practised. CCLA events involving the ICCF web server are conducted using the ICCF rules which allow the use of chess engines.

“ 6. In ICCF event games, players must decide their own moves. Players are permitted to consult prior to those decisions with any publicly available source of information including chess engines (computer programs), books, DVDs, game archive databases, endgame tablebases, etc.

TEAM: In addition, acceptable behavior includes consultation between/among players of a team including a team captain about positions in active games in their team event. No other consultation with another person concerning analysis of an active position is allowed in either a team or individual event.”



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International Correspondence Chess Grandmaster is a correspondence chess title created by FIDE in 1953, second only to that of world correspondence champion. Currently, this title is awarded by the International Correspondence Chess Federation (ICCF).

Australian Correspondence GMs

Cecil Purdy Former world correspondence champion GM 1959
Romanas Arlauskas GM 1965
Lucius Endzelins GM 1959
Chris Fenwick GM 2007

About Romanas:

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A Brief History of the CCLA (Australia) by the CCLA

From the Wayback Machine. Last item in the list at left. The link may be slow to activate.


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The 2020 Australian Correspondence Chess Championships won by Eric Stark, was conducted on the ICCF Server using the ICCF standard time control of 10 moves per 40 days. You can download a pgn file of the games and view the cross table at:


The 2021 Australian Championships is in progress. The public can now see completed games since 10 games have been finished in the event. A pgn download of completed games is available.


The progress of the top twenty games being played across the world can be viewed using “Live Games”. You might want to make yourself a cup of tea while waiting for the next move.

Other Australian tournaments currently being conducted on the ICCF Server are the Australian Reserves, Australian Seniors Web Server and Four-Two Tournaments.

A Four-Two tournament involves four players with two games against each opponent

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History of the CCLA as written by Tim Runting probably around 2005.


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The CCLA offers a range of tournament formats; with or without chess engines being allowed, as a team member playing against other countries or cities, interstate teams competitions and state, Australian and international championships.

The people running the CCLA in recent years are:

Shaun Press (President), Colin Parsons (Treasurer), John Williams (Secretary/Auditor), Peter Maylott (Games Starter/Chief Arbiter), Mike Finch (CCLA Ratings), Anthony Sims (Councillor), Don Keast (Councillor).


Michael Finch did a lot of excellent work for the Chess Association of Queensland as Ratings Officer.

About Shaun Press/

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The Correspondence Chess League of America has an interesting collection of Blogs, Chess Sites, Forums and PGN Downloads which includes Shaun Press’s “Chessexpress” and “Purdy’s Chess Tips”.



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CCLA Chess Ratings System and Website. M J Finch.


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Don Keast, CCLA Councillor, on the Romance of Postal Chess.




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Correspondence Chess Magazine

News and games.

Article by Paul Dunn
“A few years ago, Shaun Press and I had a radio show in Canberra about chess. We had a segment, Trivial Pursuit about chess, which our guests would play. One night one of the questions was “Who was the Australian chess player who won the Nobel Prize?”

Search Engines a Moral Dilemma by John Williams
“As few as 10 years ago, if you told someone you were using computers to enhance your play, you would have met with righteous indignation or even utter disgust.”

Events and matches.


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From the editor of the ACCQ, Shaun Press.

“In recent years the CCLA Council has done a lot of work to ensure the future of both Correspondence Chess in Australia, and the CCLA’s own role in supporting this. Realising that the future of CC is based on online chess, the CCLA has made a big effort to move most of its events to the ICCF server. Fortunately most of the membership has been able to go along with this move, allowing the CCLA to provide a better service for all”


30-08-2021, 07:09 AM
ACCQ May 2016.

There is an article by Brian Jones, the CCLA International Secretary, about playing correspondence games on the ICCF server. Brian is a FIDE International Arbiter, International Organizer and author who has, for many years, supplied chess books, magazines and equipment through Chess Enterprises Australia. Brian was the man to contact to join the CCLA or participate in its tournaments.


Brian Jones