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Spiny Norman
15-01-2005, 08:47 PM
We're getting some marketing materials ready for our new club at Croydon. I would appreciate constructive feedback in respect of the website (www.croydonchess.com (http://www.croydonchess.com)) and a promotional brochure.

Please keep in mind this is a 'beta testing' time for these materials, so if you can come up with good ideas for inclusion we'd appreciate it as there's still time for change/add/delete if necessary.

Once the website and brochure are locked in content-wise I'll be able to produce the additional materials that we need for our launch day and a free allegro tournament we're going to run at the Maroondah Festival in conjunction with our local council.

Thanks all,


15-01-2005, 11:03 PM
Clean and Functional. Good job so far.

I've just discovered you're around the corner from where I work (I'm in Merrindale Drv), so the location is ideal for me. I've got some logistical issues to resolve to make Thursday evenings suitable, but hopefully will work something out.

Anyway, I've submitted membership request and look forward to seeing you there.


(P.S. Steve, I'm the guy you played at Box Hill last year.)

16-01-2005, 05:12 AM
Good stuff - reminds me I have to get back into it myself. Rather enjoying being non-chess at the moment (other than on the BB).

A couple of other web pages I recommend

www.chesskids.com (no relation to local business) Excellent for real beginners. I use it extensively with my beginner's club at school esp since we were bumped out of the library and into the IT lab as a location. I don't know what sort of juniors you will get but this caters for the youngest and weakest and even amuses some of my stronger players who enjoy drills like the "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" game in the Video Arcade. They are all mate in one puzzles but we run it like a warm-up where the first one to make a million gets a lollipop.

Excellent resource to recommend to schools when they can't get a "live" chess tutor or don't have the budget for one as the kids can work through the FREE online lessons and there is a basic syllabus (FREE again) for teachers.

Another good site for beginners is www.chesscorner.com Very well presented for the novice. Another one I (as a non-chess person really) have found very useful in getting chess going at school.

Also, need to make your work/newsletters/bulletins/website pretty? Try http://www.chessgraphics.net/ for chess cartoons, logos - all sorts of stuff.


Spiny Norman
16-01-2005, 06:49 AM
kveldulv: Shaun, looking forward to seeing you @ the club. Does make it a bit easier if you're working nearby. I do remember that game ... it was the first real competitive one I'd played for quite a while and I was pretty nervous. I was glad to have the draw in the end!

Libby: Thanks for those site tips and espec. the graphics ... I'll pass them along to our webmaster.