View Full Version : 2022 Grand Prix Feb-April (city unannounced)

Kevin Bonham
17-06-2021, 08:06 PM
This announcement is a bit mystifying:


"The Series will feature 24 players who will compete in two out of three events. Each event will consist of a group stage and then a knock-out. In the group stage, each group will play a round-robin six-round tournament. The system has been improved to reflect the chess community’s feedback regarding the number of classic games: now there are six classic games in the first stage of each event. This further decreases random results and ensures that the players who consistently perform well move to the next stage."

If 24 players are each competing in 2/3 events then that's 16 per tournament. But that would be two seven round round robins with seven games each for eight players; I have no idea where the six is coming from.

EDIT: It's been suggested to me that these are 4-player double round robins, which makes sense.