View Full Version : Godwin's Law (split from refunds before withdrawals)

28-12-2004, 11:23 PM
What I consider unreasonable is your gratuitous violation of the normative sense of Godwin's law. :hand:

He said Gestapo, not Nazi.

Kevin Bonham
13-01-2005, 02:27 AM
Kevin, it's just hilarious the way you get so wound up over nothing!

Oh, speak for yourself, you were the one who went off frothing with all that nonsense about nerds and geeks (on a chess forum, haha) just because I gave the standard rejoinder to your Gestapo rubbish. How the hell would you know whether I was "wound up" or not? You have no clue, you know you have no clue, just don't bother.

Political language is a joke itself and it doesn't have a 'gene pool' being inorganic :rolleyes:

It's a joke because it gets misused, silly.

This was perhaps the most amusing part of your post to me! You (and Bill) are always the ones that get so wound up by a few jibes

Unsubstantiated psychoillogical nonsense - what you would once have referred to as LOM. You are extremely inconsistent.

and then seem to not only have the 'win at all costs' attitude

The cost of defeating you is extremely low.

but also the 'last word = victory' attitude and I truly pity both.

I don't believe that you really think I have the "last word = victory" attitude.
I also don't believe that you pity anything about my posting style whatsoever.
You know what is going on here - it is that I take pleasure in rubbing your nose in any bit of mud that you insist upon wallowing in. Don't even attempt to disguise it.

It is I that loses interest with your incessant jabbering over useless semantics and you that throw the hissyfits - just read your last post!

I did. Before I hit "send" - you should try it some time. And it's meant to bore you but also annoy you at the same time, because it's what your rubbish deserves.

Hahaha! Honestly Kev, I really thought you could do better than that... I'd give it about a pre-school level 2/10.

They don't send exams to the creche for marking. :rolleyes: .

Still, it just further shows everyone the irreverent bullying tactics you always stoop to, to delude yourself you've won an argument.

You are the one who started throwing trash as usual, and this time you don't even believe it.

Age is not equal to wisdom, old man. It's a common misnomer.

Indeed. You miss the point. I have known many people a few years younger than you who displayed far more life experience in their online writings than you do.

Even if someone articulates 'cold', if they have a valid certificate, it's a no-brainer to refund their entry fee.

Have you ever known a player to do this - present a med cert for a cold?

Again, you're brushing over your innaccuracies by twisting semantics. *yawn*

No, the yawn is for your trolling.

It's amusing how pedantry suits you when it wants to but when used against you it's suddenly an 'Irrelevant failed attempt at hairsplitting'.

That's because I make supposedly pedantic points that are actually vaguely relevant and do so soundly, unlike DR. "Pedant" is just a stereotype that some people like to use for anyone whose grasp of an issue is less crude than their own.

You don't know how to argue at all, all you can do is turn things around when it suits you - pretty poor consistency mate.

No evidence - unworthy of response.

Since we've all but stopped addressing the original issue itself, I don't think I'll waste any more time. Now remember the tennis-ball wall analogy Kev, you can stand there and return what you want but Bruce has gone inside to pursue more meaningful activities :D

I'm glad that sulking brings you meaning. Your Heidegger would have related to that.

Over and out ... feel free to have a free swing at this should you wish. (Of course, you would have to go back on your word about quitting the argument.) :lol:

Kevin Bonham
13-01-2005, 10:46 PM
As for Bonhams nonsense about your language, DR was quite correct, exactly where is the word 'nazi' in your statement?

Looks like you are a tryhard pedant as well as a tryhard anti-pedant. :rolleyes:

For your information Godwin's Law in its various versions refers to comparisons involving Nazis or Hitler. It does not refer specifically to use of the word "Nazi" or "Hitler" and is indeed commonly raised when "fascist" is similarly misused.

Of course it would be news to you that the Gestapo had anything to do with the Nazis, because in your scheme of things people who let small state champions into the Aus Champs are a far greater source of anxiety and political evil than forces complicit in a police state or acts of genocide. You probably think that the Gestapo is some kind of subcommittee of the ACF.

Can anyone imagine Shakespeare being hung up on the definition of one word?

Not sure. One can well imagine him writing "My words fly up, my thoughts remain below/Words without thoughts never to heaven go."

Thoughtless words appear to be your specialty. :lol: