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Peter Tsai
19-04-2021, 06:01 AM
GM Justin Tan to give a talk on his new book 1.e4! The Chess Bible (Volume 1)

Australia’s 8th Grandmaster Justin Tan will give a talk at the Box Hill Chess club on Sunday 9th May at 6 pm following the completion of the Sunday Rookies Tournament. Justin has a strong connection with the Box Hill Chess Club as he commenced at the club some 14 years ago as a junior. Justin is a regular contributor in ChessPublishing.com and has written a book 1.e4! The Chess Bible (Volume 1). He will speak on some insights of his book and copies will be available for sale. Unfortunately all copies have been sold out but are on order.

Location: Box Hill Chess Club, 21A Electra Avenue Ashwood
Date: Sunday 9th May 2021 6 pm
Target Audience of talk: Club player strength
Special Offer: Justin’s book 1.e4! The Chess Bible (Volume 1) retails for $61.25 (Angus and Robertson) but for those who attend the talk, the book will be available for only $50 (limited number). Justin has agreed to sign the copies when the order arrives.

Register via TryBooking: https://www.trybooking.com/BQQMY
Attend Talk: $5 per person
Order: 1.e4! The Chess Bible (Volume 1) – Only offered to those who attend the talk: $50
Enquiries: Peter Tsai chess@t-s-a-i.com 0419324870

Peter Tsai
07-05-2021, 04:36 PM
Still plenty of tickets available for Sunday 9th May at 6 pm https://www.trybooking.com/BQQMY
1.e4! The Chess Bible (Volume 1) still available for $50
Justin will also present trophies at the end of the May Rookies tournament