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Kerry Corker
27-03-2021, 03:37 PM
The CAQ Records 17.0 spreadsheet will feature on page 2 details of the Australian Junior Championship tournaments mentioned below. It will include results for 1st, 2nd and 3rd with venue, number of entries and school attended. At the moment it is a bit sparse, but will fill in time. I will be sending it to David Esmonde of AuNix tomorrow and it should go up on the CAQ Inc. webpage soon. If you would like a copy of the Excel file sent to you, contact me via email, and I will send one. If you won, or ran a place in any of these events, please contact me and I will record the data, including school attended, “for all time – in the one place”.

Australian Junior Championship
Australian Rapid Play Junior Championship
Australian Lightning/Blitz Championship
Australian Problem-Solving Championship

Australian Junior Championships - Girls
Australian Rapid Play Junior Championship - Girls
Australian Lightning/Blitz Championship - Girls
Australian Problem-Solving Championship – Girls

The main reason for doing this is to create a reliable register of Australian Junior Champions, all in one place.
It is an idea borrowed from the military. Idiots who pose as returned soldiers in ANZAC day marches and some who claim to be former Special Forces soon get a knock on the door. The real people who served, track them down using military service records and “out them” as frauds.

I have transported that idea into the scenario where former Juniors go for job interviews. With electronic CVs, you can insert the link to this register, which, hopefully, will have a home on the ACF Inc. webpage. Interviewers don’t have time to check CVs. However, during the interview, the person being interviewed can ask the interviewer to simply click onto the URL and, hey presto, you have proved that you did in fact win the 2001 Australian Problem- Solving Championship held at Cranbrook High. And if the interviewer went to Cranbrook High, yet another way to connect. They truly get sick of asking, “where do you see yourself in 5 years?”. They want to be able to connect with the person being interviewed to weed out the chaff.

You can show, that in your first year of playing, you placed 3rd in the U/8s. And 3 years later, there you are winning the U/16 section, thus proving that you stick to difficult problems, and don’t give up. All proven by a click of the mouse. No research needed to be done by the interviewer.

The ACF can send out this file/register to 1,000 different businesses every year as a free service. Apparently, some people have been found falsifying their Junior Chess history in interviews. We take this very seriously. Oh, and by the way, the Australian Girls Junior Championships 2024 are up for naming rights. We are currently in negotiations for the naming rights to the Australian Corporate Chess Teams Championships 2025 but would consider offers. The possibilities are endless.
"Foot in the door, establish trust and drop the hammer", to quote Bill Murray from Get Low 2009.

We won’t tell them that we drop the schools team’s format, by far our most profitable and successful format, and lose 90% of our client base when they leave school. We don’t want anyone stealing our special formula.

Bill Gletsos
27-03-2021, 04:37 PM
Note there are some errors in the records shown on the old AusJCL and now Australian Junior Chess website https://australianjuniorchess.org/
Also some reports in magazines/etc may well list someone winning an Australian Junior title in a particular age group when no such title for that age group existed at that time.

Kerry Corker
27-03-2021, 04:42 PM
Thanks for that. I am hoping that people will let me know of mistakes. It is in their own best interests for me to get the record straight!