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Siebenhaar and Hack

In 1892, Ernest Hack moved to WA, settled in Fremantle and founded the Fremantle Chess Club. He soon took over the editorship of the “My Chess Corner” chess column in the Western Mail.
Around this time, Mr Hack and Mr Willem Siebenhaar (1863-1936) formed the West Australian Chess Association which included six clubs. (Albany, Bunbury, Coolgardie, Fremantle, Perth and Pinjarrah).
Willem became the unofficial Western Australian champion following a match with Ernest Hack in 1892. In late 1894, Ernest moved to Coolgardie and Siebenhaar became editor of the chess column.

Both men did a great job in writing the column which was extensive and full of local, national and international news. Below are links to some of the weekly columns between the years 1893 and 1897.
Missing weeks are available on Trove by searching for “My Chess Corner”


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The viewable, downloadable “Western Australia” file below contains information about the formation of the Chess Association of Western Australian, the Perth, Fremantle, Albany, Bunbury, Kalgoorlie, Coolgardie and other chess clubs and the people who formed them.


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Newsletter produced by the Metropolitan Chess Club.


Metropolitan Chess Club

Drabble House behind Nedlands Public Library

Thursday at 7:30 PM

David Barry (Secretary) email: dw.barry@gmail.com


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From the Perth Chess Club website:


Perth Chess Club is a senior club based in the Northern Suburbs. Usually over 30 players of all standards enjoy chess each Wednesday from mid-January to early December.
North Woodvale Primary School, 4 Chichester Drive (Cnr Trappers Drive), Woodvale WA 6026


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1937 was a year in which the Perth Chess Club held the Australian Championships. A four way tie for first place resulted in Cecil Purdy winning the final tie break against Maurice Goldstein. Maurice liked WA and stayed there after the tournament finished as did Crowl for a time. Maurice began a chess column in the West Australian. Lajos Steiner was touring Australia at the time and took part in the tournament, winning every game but was not eligible for the title.


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The West Australian (Perth, WA : 1879 - 1954) Wed 6 Jan 1937

Lajos Steiner, Chess Champion of Hungary, gives a detailed account of the main games from round seven of the Australian Chess championships being held in Perth. He annotates the important Goldstein Koshnitsky game.


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About Lajos Steiner. The bulletin. Vol. 89 No. 4537 (18 Feb 1967)


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MEG's chess column in the West Australian in 1937, a year in which the Australian Chess Championships were held in Perth.


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Michael Woodham’s game against “friendly rival” Arthur Pope. The Bulletin Magazine, February 1967 page 61, courtesy of Trove.


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The Midland Chess Club held its Masters tournament on Friday evenings from 1995 to 2004, with the Masters often stronger than the WA Closed.

This was thanks to the frequent participation of senior players such as WA Championship winners Haydn Barber, Stewart Byrne, David Ellis, plus improving youngsters including Tristan Boyd, Danny Dwyer, Timo Farber, Jay Lakner and Michael Wilkins.

The 2003 tournament was the first FIDE rated tournament in WA. This was clearly won by teenager Tristan Boyd who then became the top WA ACF rated players for many years.

Please see attached word document with the players scores from each year.