View Full Version : Pre-Games Chess event, Brisbane 1982 - Who won?

Kerry Corker
12-10-2020, 10:31 AM
This was held just before the Brisbane Commonwealth Games of 1992. Andrew Meldrum, a very small child at the time was inside the big Matilda float used as a mascot. He went on to win the Qld Juniors and the Qld adult Lightning Championship in 2000. I don't think Qld. had a chess magazine in 1982 so I am having difficulty finding out who won. It was played at Brisbane State High and Bill Elliott, the CAQ membership secretary, did most of the organising. The Qld. government of the time told us were not allowed to use the word commonwealth in the title. I have listed the people who played. The only record of this event appears to be in an old excercise book of mine in which i recorded the entries and payments. If you played, or have memories of this event, or any result sheets, please share.

Green Viv
Long Hong Stan
Nakon Adrian
O'Neil Peter
Stokie William
Overson Neil
Purcell Andew
Gaffney Cameron
Wilkinson Leo
Knight Lindsay
Thomas Norbert
Craven Mark
Orme Greg
Lovejoy David
Holliday Bruce
Guest John
West John
Edmonds Rob
Terry Wendy
Terry Andrea
Clarry Steve
Morris Colin
Arendt Alf
Robinson Mark
Goodwin Robert
Howe Merve
Derbyshire Hugh
Bowd W
Cavanagh Peter
Howard Bob
Mackin John
Law GW
Foster Doug
Norris Damian
Cornish Nicholas
Ross Mark
Forsyth Graham
Gaffne Damian
Elliott William (Bill)
McKean Murray
Kuscelansky Michael
Vicic Ray
Myers John
Jackson Ralph
North Mal

12-10-2020, 11:45 AM
Kuszelansky and Myers tied for first place n the Pre-Games Open on 6.5/7, with Morris and Thomas on 6.

Kerry Corker
12-10-2020, 02:55 PM
Ian, thanks very much for that information. David Esmonde from AUNIX, the host of the CAQ Inc. website has now added a section called CAQ Wiki to the About us menu. When you click on this you get what appears to be a simple spreadsheet from Excel. It is in fact the history of the CAQ in spreadsheet form. I have been trolling through all of my old bits of paper, magazines etc. and inputting all that i find. I now have about 30 Qld Chess mags loaned by Tony Weller. These take about 40 mins each to extract and enter all the info. Then there are newspaper articles, Bulletin mag columns etc. Sometimes you find out who was Qld Lightning Champion in a certain year by the columnist saying that Fred regained his title from last year. I am only doing Queensland's history and hopefully someone from each state will do their own. The idea is to put all available knowledge onto one spreadsheet and lodge it with the state archivist each year. Also, making it read only, everyone can download it for their own computer, thus providing many more copies for historians to find. this idea that once something goes on the web, it is there forever is a dangerous one for historians. With the above mentioned Pre-Games event, I would think that i am probably the only person in the world with a list of those who played. I helped to organise it and I didn't know who won it. With GM Roger's memory, he probably had the winner's name in the back of his mind. On the newer version of CAQ Wiki I have tried to make the info. more clear. I am sending it to AUNIX today and it should go up within 24 hours. Below are the instuctions to get the full version of the file onto your home computer. Everything i have input is from the above mentioned sources. I have not relied on memory. It is my job to be the data input clerk. Historians can make assumptions if necessary.

Open up Excel on your home computer
1. Go to CAQ Inc. website
2. Click on "About Us"
3. Click on "CAQ Wiki"
My computer only has 4 meg of ram so would not download the whole file at one time. 8 meg of ram seems to allow you to download the whole thing at once.
4. Copy the "A" column. It gives you all the categories. Paste that into your Excel.
5. Copy B through to DW and then paste that into your Excel.
Note that at the bottom there is sheet1, sheet2 and sheet3. In the new version, these are given names such as Gran Prix, Membership etc.
Once you have all the data from CAQ Wiki on your home computer, then add a split at cell number B2 and you will have catergories in the vertical left and years in the horizontal right.
I know that this is a bit cumbersome at the moment but we will soon find a way to streamline it.
The new version should be uploaded to the CAQ Inc. website within 24 hours
Thanks once again to David Esmonde and AUNIX