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07-08-2020, 05:37 PM

____VIDA (Taiwan) juniors & NSC (Aust) juniors
Friendly Exchange Tournament - Sunday 9th August

An invitational online allegro tournament has been organised between a team of 19 juniors representing NSC(Aust) and a team of 19 juniors representing VIDA(Taiwan).

For those interested in following the tournament and the games here's the details:

Time:________ Sunday 9th August 3:30pm (Melbourne time)

Format:______ 5 Rounds, 12min + 3s. Swiss – restricted (so team members don't play each other)

Link to Tournament page:______ https://northernstarchess.com/pyrus/?tournament_id=200809_NSC_VIDA

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09-08-2020, 08:39 PM
Final results:

Congratulations to both teams on some excellent games in a very competitive tournament.

While NSC (Aust) won the teams competition 52.5 – 42.5, the top individual performances were from the VIDA (Taiwan) team members, 1st Louis Asanaka (5/5) and 2nd Ethan Lin (4.5/5).

Here's the final results table. (https://northernstarchess.com/pyrus/results/200809_NSC_VIDA_Results.pdf)

For a cross table and games please see the tournament page. (https://northernstarchess.com/pyrus/?tournament_id=200809_NSC_VIDA)