View Full Version : Made in God’s image. Yuk. Not me thanks.

Gnostic Bishop
23-07-2020, 07:01 AM
Made in God’s image. Yuk. Not me thanks.

Yahweh, it is written, created us in his image.

He is described as a vile genocidal and infanticidal god, a demiurge to us Gnostics Christians, and is responsible for a religion that has become homophobic and misogynous and who grew Christianity by inquisitions and murder.

This is not surprising given that so many of Christianity’s moral tenets are immoral. Christianity lacks moral tenets with which to convert. It takes pressure and force to believe the weird Christian take on the otherwise decent Jewish beginnings of their religion and god. Christians should have usurped some decent god as without Midrash, Yahweh is more like an evil Satan than a good god.

If you think you are created in Yahweh’s image, and able to do his evil and good deeds, are you happy about it?

If you do not think you are up to Yahweh’s evil ways, are you happy about it?