View Full Version : Australian Chess History in non chess forums.

16-06-2020, 09:05 PM
An enjoyable as well as nostalgic piece of Australian chess history was published (10/06/2020)
on Facebook by Mr. Ralph Jackson, reproducing a post by GM Murray Chandler. (*) on the same media the previous day.


Apart from its historic significance the article has attracted various responses, memories and/or just kibitzing
from participants as well a members of the general public who of course asked for more of the kind.

My favourite post is FM_Bill's (FM William Jordan) ranting "I would have played but my parents wouldn't let me"! :D
(*) GM Chandler lives now permanently in NZ and he often publishes chess results from the yester year complete with scoresheets
and other interesting and useful information! He is a significant proponent of the sport in the neighbouring country!

19-06-2020, 10:38 PM

Great bloke, I often met him and had a coffee with him after we got papers and magazines from the corner shop.
I also meet Ralph almost every time I am in Sydney to play chess .. he is participating in many tournaments there.
I wish him all the very best with his book.