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Tom Kalisch
20-04-2020, 01:39 PM
2020 CHESS ARTISTS On Line Allegro
Platform: On Line via Chess.com
When: Every Sunday at 1pm Sydney time
April 26
Format: 7 round one day Swiss Rapid tournament, you play all rounds
Rating: The event will be Chess.com rated
Time Control: Fischer- 13 Minutes plus 2 seconds per move .
Cost: Free ,and only available to Chess Artists club members.
Annual membership(for those who are not already 2020 members) for playing on line is $30 via Trybooking.com
'2020 Chess Artists Caulfield On line Allegro'

On Line Access steps:1.Chess Artists Caulfield invites new paid up member to join the club on Chess.com( When new member logs in to Chess.com they will see a red box message with a number appearing beside the right hand side of Chess.com).Member then accepts invitation and presses "Join" to join Chess Artists Caulfield on line club.(Member only requires to do this once.)
2.On each Sunday of tournament between 12noon and 12:59pm member logs in ,selects Play,LiveChess,Tournaments,Upcoming then clicks the Chess Artists Caulfield Allegro Tournament and selects "Join".If you do not join by 1pm you are not included in the tournament.
3.At 1pm the Chess.com software automatically provides your next opponent and continues to do that for each round and is in control of all proceedings.On average, rounds take 20-30minutes each but the actual start of the next round occurs immediately after the very last game of the previous round has finished and then your clock starts timing down.
4.Players can select the ' draw' or 'resign' buttons during the match.
Prizes: $Nil
Further information:Tom Kalisch 0409 529 731 tkalisch@bigpond.net.au
chesschat.org/upcoming and current tournaments