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Gnostic Bishop
16-04-2020, 08:43 AM
Letís chat about the atheist religion.

Believers in the mainstream god religions often denigrate and discriminate against atheists, non-believers and rival religions on moral grounds. Godless mean without a moral sense to them.

I seek a solution to this problem, as the godless, statistically speaking, seem more moral, law abiding and peaceful than traditional mainstream religious believers who, ironically, claim a superior moral position, while having an inferior one. Statistics are quite clear on this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VdtwTeBPYQA

As a Gnostic Christian, I get it from both sides. From believers who see me as an atheist and from atheists who see me as a believer. Both sides are wrong, given that Gnostic Christians are esoteric ecumenist and free-thinking naturalist, --- who hold no supernatural beliefs, --- regardless of the lies put into history by the inquisitors who decimated us, --- but never annihilated us. We are a religion of perpetual seekers of knowledge and wisdom, who raise the bar of excellence whenever we think we have the best ideological position.

This prevents the idol worshiping of the immoral gods, that the mainstream religions are prone to follow. This makes Gnostic Christianity a superior ideology. Perhaps this open-mindedness explains the hate towards us from god believers, as well as towards atheists and other non-believers that believers target.

Solutions to this endless denigration and discrimination are hard to come by, given that governments are not promoting any kind of dialog between the various religions and non-believers and allow religions to continue promoting vile homophobic and misogynous teachings.

To my way of thinking, be you following a theology and named god, a philosophy of a named philosopher, a religion that puts man above god and focuses on knowledge and wisdom like mine, a political tribe like Democrats and Republican, statism or any other thinking system, --- all groups named are following an ideology, --- and can thus be seem and described as a religion.

It is thus proper English to call atheism a religion. In fact, given the stats, atheism is a more moral religion than most. I am thinking that if all atheist proudly took on the religion label, --- as their atheist churches are doing, --- more god believing religionist would likely opt for atheism as their religion so as to improve their moral sense.

Take your deserved bow my atheist friends. You are now second only to my own Gnostic Christianity. We Gnostic Christian did what I advise here before the inquisitors got to us and that may be why we were known as the only good Christians.



Kevin Bonham
16-04-2020, 11:32 AM
Atheism is simply not a religion. Religions typically involve belief in deities or other spiritual phenomena, or failing that they at least involve rituals (whether personal or social) and sacred cultural practices. As with many important words "religion" is difficult to prescriptively define (see Wittgenstein on "family resemblance" (https://plato.stanford.edu/entries/wittgenstein/#LangGameFamiRese)) but atheism just doesn't tick any of the boxes at all.

If you find atheists more "moral", that's nice; other posters here post statistics about how many people were murdered by atheist communists (albeit in the pursuit of communism with atheism simply a means to that end). But no specific morality is intrinsic to atheism since atheism is simply disbelief in the existence of gods, and that doesn't by itself imply any moral position.

Some particular atheists hold strong moral/political type beliefs of a recognisable form that they share with others. Secular humanists, Brights and some self-styled "rationalists" (though the latter term is used in a range of ways) may be among these. Even so these belief systems while having some features in common with religion tend to lack any ritual or reverence aspect. Some particular religions that do have a ritual or reverence aspect, especially some "eastern" religions, are atheistic.

16-04-2020, 11:55 AM
Like Kevin I don't agree with clasifying atheism as a religion.

Anyway just wanted to pick up on the claim of atheists in prison. Interesting article on it here: https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/are-prisoners-less-likely-to-be-atheists/

Overall, almost 1 in every 1,000 prisoners will identify as atheist compared to 1 in every 100 Americans.