View Full Version : MCC Trial Online Allegro - Sat 18 Apr (3 Divs - money prizes for Top Div)

Thai Ly
15-04-2020, 11:56 PM
The MCC Allegro Online trial is continuing with prize money in the first division.

Trial tournament cost: $5 for members, $10 for non-members, club member GMs/WGMs, IMs/WIMs & FMs/WFMs free.

Divisions: choose from

Premier (1600+)
Challengers (1000 - 1600)
Minor (Below 1000)

If your rating is above 1500 you may choose to play in the Premier. If you are above 900 you may choose to play in the Challengers. If you win a division then you may choose to play in the higher division. We will use a local Tornelo rating, but if your ACF or FIDE is higher, we may use that to put you in a division.


Premier: 1st - $80, 2nd - $40. Payment to Australian Bank account only.
Other divisions: 1st - free entry in the Thursday evening master class with WGM Julia Ryjanova plus free entry next Allegro tournament; 2nd - free entry to next Allegro tournament. Please contact us by email to organise.

The tournament will be run with an Arbiter, a Zoom video conference and online playing capabilities by logging on to Tornelo.

For more details about entering, visit the MCC website at http://www.melbournechessclub.org/events/the-saturday-allegro.

Thai Ly
16-04-2020, 12:01 AM
If you win a division then you may choose to play in the higher division.

From the most recent Allegro, the following players will be eligible to play in the stated division:

Jacek Klukowski - eligible to play in the Premier Division (after winning the 11 April MCC Allegro Challengers Division)
Senuk De Silva - eligible to play in the Challengers Division (after winning the 11 April MCC Allegro Minor Division)

22-04-2020, 09:17 AM
Congratulations on last weeks MCC Allegro Online Winners

Premier: Ari Dale (6/7) -2 rating
Challengers: Tedric Li (6/7) +27 ratiing, Marek Breeden (6/7) +24 rating, Alvin Lin (6/7) +10 rating
Minor: Rishi Naire (6/7) +38 rating

You can see results and download the games here:


This week we are shining the light on a Premier division round 7 game, Punala Kiripitige vs Jesse Jager, as a great battle through the whole game with sacrifice, tactics and pressure. See the game and annotations by IM Alexei Khamatgaleev:


22-04-2020, 10:01 AM
Allegro #4 has already been announced!
Looks like it is becoming a weekly feature!