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04-01-2020, 01:59 PM
Happy new year everybody and I have exciting news to share. This year there is a new format of the pro chess league. Two players familiar to Australians from the last year's pro chess league (Alexei Sarana and Anton Smirnov) have joined the California Unicorns team. In the first round they will play against Canada Chessbrahs at 6 am on the 7th of January Sydney time. The pairings are below:

GM Alexander Grischuk 2777 vs 2509 GM Steven Zierk
GM Alireza Firouzja 2723 vs 2585 GM Anton Smirnov
GM Ivan Saric 2651 vs 2622 GM Daniel Naroditsky
GM Eric Hansen 2606 vs 2663 GM Alexey Sarana

The average rating of our opponents is 2689, while the average rating of our team is 2594. We need a lot of luck!

05-01-2020, 06:58 PM
Good luck to Anton against the 16 year-old new star- the chap who almost beat Magnus in the recent blitz.